"We need to talk ..."

Digitization is changing our world profoundly. A lot of people are worried and question which changes might come and how their private and their working life might change. Are we are going to just let it happen, or do we actively participate?

Thus far, not many people other than tech nerds and other experts have been pondering this question. Because we at Deutsche Telekom provide networks for the digital revolution, we also want to raise awareness – and promote public discussion – for the risks but especially for the great opportunities of Digitization. We need to be talking about these things now, if we want to make sure that we drive digitalization, and it doesn't drive us. In keeping with this insight, at the end of 2015 we launched an initiative entitled "Are we stumbling blindly into digitization? We need digital responsibility!"

We want to deal with the open questions and how possible answers might look like. We see our role in this as that of a moderator who, even though he may have opinions of his own, is happy to let others present their views.

This special here on our corporate website will serve as one of the central platforms for this effort. In it, you'll find articles and videos by experts, and background information, on questions such as these:

  • Do algorithms have prejudices?
  • Robo Sapiens – how human can robots become?
  • Digitization in football: Can big data score goals?
  • Digital ethics : What “guide rails” does artificial intelligence need?

The articles below cover topics such as cyber security, data privacy, big data, smart fashion, journalism. Here, you can find interviews with experts from the areas of business, science, politics, the arts, and sports, such as Sundar Pichai/Google CEO, Chris Boos/internet pioneer, Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber/AI expert, Dorothee Bär/Minister of State for Digitalization, Frank Schätzing/bestselling author, Oliver Bierhoff/DFB Manager, Dr. Katarina Barley/Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection and many more.

In the "Management: to the point" section, learn what Tim Höttges, Deutsche Telekom CEO, has to say about digitization.

By the way: Deutsche Telekom was one of the first companies to establish guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence (AI). They are our binding internal guidelines aligned with our business models. They define how we at Deutsche Telekom should use AI and how we should develop our AI-based products and services in the future. By establishing these guidelines, we want to set a good example and create an ethical framework.

We wish you happy reading – and we look forward to your feedback!

Philipp Schindera


Digital Responsibility

Experts discuss about chances and risks of digitization.