Video: Ranga Yogeshwar on the opportunities and risks of digitization


Ranga Yogeshwar: I think that many people have knee-jerk reactions. They immediately say "this is morally good" or "this is morally bad" without even really knowing where the path is leading. I tend to think that the changes now underway are so enormous, and that so many things are being changed, that we just have to trust our instincts. That means that when things change, and when new things appear – for example, cell phones, the Internet or the cell-phone video camera with which we are recording this interview (that would have been inconceivable 20 years ago) – we need to keep moving things forward but, as a society, also need to critically consider questions such as "What do we like about this?" "What don't we like?" and "What are the consequences?" With such an approach I think we can develop the sort of modern perspective we need in order to assess various technologies.

The point thus is not to condemn something a priori or to hype it up a priori, and to say that now the world is going to be all beautiful and rose-colored. The idea is to have a perspective that allows us to see and use the opportunities, without letting the risks lead us astray.

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