Digitization – a hare-and-tortoise game?

„The digital revolution will be a democratic revolution if it can get citizens actively involved in shaping things. If that doesn't happen, then the very democracy we sought to strengthen will have been incapacitated.“ Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist

Video interview with Ranga Yogeshwar

Trusting our instincts

Ranga Yogeshwar: "Politics suffers from inertia. The structures are too slow... What we are experiencing at the moment is that many things simply get done... before we have even had a real discussion."

Of digital rights and digital manifestos

Two of the most recent moves about Digitization have been the Digital Manifesto and the digital rights set. What is it all about?

Graphics: The Use Of Social Media In Case Of Catastrophes and Crises.

Full co-determination?

Digitization opens up new participation opportunities for people. We have summarized interesting events in social media and democracy.

Democracy and digitization: Statements by politicians

Digital channels present both an opportunity and a challenge for democracy. 

Digital responsibility

Thinking robots

Dystopia or beneficial future? How do man-machine-relations work? Will smart machines rule our everyday life? 
And how does artificial intelligence emerge? This is being explored the "Emerging Mind Project" of the INM-Institute for New Media in Frankfurt. The public experiment is open to everyone.