Vita: Yvonne Hofstetter

Yvonne Hofstetter, lawyer and an essayist

Yvonne Hofstetter, lawyer and an essayist. (© Heimo Aga)

Yvonne Hofstetter is a lawyer and an essayist. She is the author of a book on the use of intelligent algorithms to control and regulate society, Das Ende der Demokratie (The End of Democracy, Munich: C. Bertelsmann, 2016). She is also managing director of the company Teramark Technologies GmbH, which develops artificial intelligence applications. Since 1998, she has been specializing in issues related to using learning machines to analyze large volumes of data. Together with former German Federal Minister of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, she is sponsoring the democracy exhibition "Das Geheimnis – Ein gesellschaftliches Phänomen" ("Secrecy – a social phenomenon") being presented in Munich.

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