Christmas, an analog holiday in a digital age


Videointerview: Christmas, an analog holiday in a digital age

How do children today see Christmas? Is a traditional Christmas, with a Christmas tree, a visit to a church service and a big family meal, still something important for them? Or do they get bored, and just wait for a chance to get back to YouTube and Facebook? To answer these questions, we put them directly to some children.

Infographic: How digital is Christmas in 2016?

Graphic: How digital is Christmas in 2016?

Is Christmas going digital? What's the story behind your Christmas tree? What does your Christmas turkey tell you?  Our graphic provides some insights.

Digitale Weihnachtsfreuden 2016

Have yourself a digital little Christmas 2016!

The Internet is full of many digital helpers that are designed to make the run up to Christmas even more fun. Here’s a selection.

Christmas Tree


Nicole Kirsch


Digitization makes longings more tolerable

Skype and email help families overcome the Atlantic

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