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Christmas, an analog holiday in a digital age

How do children today see Christmas? Is a traditional Christmas, with a Christmas tree, a visit to a church service and a big family meal, still something important for them? Or do they get bored, and just wait for a chance to get back to YouTube and Facebook? To answer these questions, we put them directly to some children.

Digital Christmas

Christmas, an analog holiday in a digital age.

We asked the children what they thought, and we were surprised to find that while they still love presents (of course), Christmas is most important to them as a special family time. And so they happily put up with a four-hour car trip to visit their grandparents.

In another somewhat surprising result, things digital don't play the all-consuming role that one might expect. A Christmas list delivered by smartphone? Nothing could be further from the truth. Children today still write and decorate their Christmas lists by hand.

And the items they include on their lists are still mostly of an analog nature. Children today, just like those of yesteryear, still want Santa to bring them footballs, make-up sets and board games. But watch our video, and hear their answers for yourself.

And have a look at our graphic, which presents some interesting facts and figures. Did you know, for example, that a total of five percent of all Christmas trees are now bought over the Internet?

We also offer an accompanying text, "Digital Christmas joy," that presents a range of new digital helpers and services, from a WhatsApp Advent calendar to a holiday dinner that you can order online.

I hope you enjoy it – and have a happy holiday!

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