Integrity and respect

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Compliance with laws and regulations and adherence to internal guidelines and codes of conduct are the foundation of responsible corporate governance.

Team vor Whiteboard mit Zetteln

Our principles promote integrity and respect in everyday working life. In order to avoid the risk of prosecution and financial penalties as well as damage to our reputation from legal violations, Deutsche Telekom relies on systematic prevention and appropriate penalties.

Prevention through awareness

In order for compliant conduct to become successfully established as standard practice throughout the Company, we must ensure that our employees are adequately sensitized. This necessitates several measures to raise awareness of responsible conduct:

Learning programs explain the contents of our Code of Conduct to employees worldwide.
In addition to anti-corruption training for managers, we have also developed an e-learning module to raise employees’ awareness of corruption issues. At international level, we have conducted a Group-wide anti-corruption campaign, and reported on the latest developments in conformity.

Employees have access to an intranet portal providing support with compliance issues.
We also rely on our employees and stakeholders to help us uncover violations of internal policies: Employees and external individuals can report possible violations via our whistleblower portal.