Special CeBIT 2016

The first day of the trade fair was marked by a steady flow of visitors and plenty of conversations with customers.

All about the cloud

The first day of CeBIT was all about the cloud for Deutsche Telekom. Take a look at the day’s pictures.

Telekom Cloud

With Open Telekom Cloud, DT is offering a secure Infrastructure as a Service solution on the basis of OpenStack.

Zalando CEO Rubin Ritter and Tim Höttges talked about shoes, as well as about quick and individualized deliveries to customers.

Connectivity Day

On the second day of CeBIT, connectivity took centerstage. The highlight of the day was the visit to the stand by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Magenta Security: The fourth day of the trade fair revolved around data security and data privacy at the Deutsche Telekom stand

Magenta Security

The fourth day of the trade fair in Hanover revolved around data privacy and data security at the Deutsche Telekom stand.

Deutsche Bahn CEO Rüdiger Grube and Timotheus Höttges answered trade fair visitors’ questions.

More bravery for digitization

How does Deutsche Bahn deal with digitization? CEOs Rüdiger Grube and Timotheus Höttges discussed these and other questions at the Telekom Transforum today.