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Our focus is on setting up the home experience ecosystem as a central touchpoint for digital customer experiences in their homes.

Home OS

As our customers use various digital services in their homes, our ambition is to create seamless and easy cross-service experiences making their daily routines easier and more practical. 

We are customer-centric and are testing all developments to make sure we find the right fit.

Value created

We want to bring value via simplification and improve the experience of using Deutsche Telekom and our partner's digital services in our customers' homes.

Use-Case Approach

We are in the prototyping phase of ecosystem activities. We are actively looking for potential partners who are open to co-innovation and are willing to join forces in building exciting new use cases. 

Prototypes will go through extensive customer testing and will become early editions to our ecosystem platform. 

Blurred background, with a Telekom employee holding a smartphone, displaying a 5G network speed test.

Network Service Evolution

The future of network infrastructure is evolving rapidly, and at Deutsche Telekom, we are focused on being a leading part of the innovation and growth of network services.