Focus topic Connected Home

Our team’s vision is to bring a digital revolution to every customer’s home by creating a comprehensive home experience ecosystem as their central touchpoint.

A connected device in the home

The Connected Home topic team's mission is to create meaningful user experiences of connected services at home with the support of our partners. © Astrid Grossner

Most of our customers use various digital services in their homes. We’re committed to enhancing their daily routines by seamlessly integrating intuitive experiences that are both practical and effortless.

Creating Value in Home Connectivity

We don't just simplify home connectivity - we revolutionize it. Our teams transform experiences by constantly fine-tuning Deutsche Telekom’s resources and our strategic partners' products and services for ease of use. Our human-centric approach has resulted in intuitive interfaces and seamless integration.
All products and services that reach our customers are continuously tested in all development stages, ensuring the ultimate version of each solution is what reaches our families’ homes. We aren't merely delivering products, we're delivering enhanced lifestyles, which is the true value we strive for.

Does it sound like we share a common vision? Get in touch with us – we’re eager to hear from you.

Our Approach

Our teams continuously work on understanding the challenges, hurdles, and requirements that our customers face in their daily lives. When it comes to home tech, collaboration is at the heart of most great solutions we’ve built.

By opening up our leading telco resources to forward-thinking teams, we are able to create value that neither side could without a technology partner. Life is for sharing!

Blurred background, with a Telekom employee holding a smartphone, displaying a 5G network speed test.

Network Service Evolution

The future of network infrastructure is evolving rapidly, and at Deutsche Telekom, we are focused on being a leading part of the innovation and growth of network services.