Focus topic Network Service Evolution

We understand that the network infrastructure of the future will require a greater scope and reach than many of the solutions in place today.

While our team is seasoned in an array of topics, we never lose sight of our core focus: networks. Even as we explore novel solutions to push beyond the status quo, our primary objective remains the same: to keep everyone connected in a way that’s seamless and intuitive.  

Blurred background, with a Telekom employee holding a smartphone, displaying a 5G network speed test.

5G Speed Test. © Norbert Ittermann, Deutsche Telekom AG

Creating Value in Network Service Evolution

Our goal is to get the most out of our mobile network. This scopes beyond smartphones and tablets: we strive to get uninterrupted optimal performance from our mobile network and stay on top of the next network-service breakthroughs.

Apart from leveraging our unique telco assets, such as our proprietary technologies, powerful network infrastructure, and skilled workforce, our scouting teams are actively searching for exciting companies working on transformative network technologies. Our interest lies in areas like 6G and campus networks. With strategic partnerships, we aim to unlock immense value by driving innovation, enhancing performance, and shaping the future of connectivity. Our team’s interest goes beyond simple partnerships: we're seeking collaborators to pioneer the next wave of network evolution.

Do you believe your company or team is working on an innovative solution that matches what we’re looking for? We’d be delighted to have a talk about it.

Our Approach

As networks of the future continue to evolve, so do the opportunities that come with them. Our team is dedicated to identifying and defining our role in shaping their evolution and innovation isn't a waiting game for our scouts - they actively foster it. Hosting themed competitions and networking events are a part of the frequent activities that aid our team’s scouting efforts.

To successfully bridge the gap between ideas and implementation, our scouting isn't confined to company size or industry status - we’re interested in having a chat regardless if you're a young startup team with an outstanding idea or an established company name with a proven track record.

Let’s Connect

Our team values open exchange with industry leaders, partners, topic owners, and academics. To accommodate such an exchange, Group Partnering & Devices (GPD) regularly hosts roundtables where diverse rounds are formed and the main topic revolves around the future of a given topic.

Find the key insights from one of our recent roundtable events on The Future of 6G here.

Do you want to take part in an upcoming event? Share your contact details here and we will reach out whenever an event we think you would find interesting is taking place.

A consumer device connected in the home.

Focus topic Consumer IoT

We intend to generate the most attractive consumer portfolio of IoT products and services that services and assists people best.