Focus topic Network Service Evolution

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The future of network infrastructure is evolving rapidly, and at Deutsche Telekom, we are focused on being a leading part of the innovation and growth of network services. We understand that the network infrastructure of the future will require a greater scope and reach than many of the solutions in place today. Together, with our trusted partner network, we identify and customize products to meet our customer’s needs and connect numerous services into one experience, making life easier.

The scope of our team ranges from strategic partners to startups, and our work spans from next-generation networks to the newest innovative business models.

Blurred background, with a Telekom employee holding a smartphone, displaying a 5G network speed test.

5G Speed Test. © Norbert Ittermann, Deutsche Telekom AG

We help businesses identify their biggest stakeholder challenges and pain points and aim to connect them with the most innovative and attractive partners to create custom solutions using a demand-driven approach.

Network Service Value Created

Beyond smartphones and tablets, our goal is to get the most out of our mobile network, offering wireless connectivity that is integral to the future of network services. Together, with trusted partnerships, we work to find the best network innovations for our internal and external stakeholders.
Additionally, we are continually looking for innovative partners who are interested in contributing to the evolution of future networks. If you are a potential partner, please reach out to us!

Our Approach for Innovation

With the evolution of future networks comes immense opportunity. We believe that first, we must identify these opportunities and define our role in shaping the evolution of network services.

We analyze customer and stakeholder demands and challenges based on proposition definition and scout for fitting solutions. We qualify these and launch them through Deutsche Telekom or partner sales channels in our markets.

From here, we also work to establish strategic collaborations with partners across sectors. With these partnerships, we look to learn from, innovate with, and build long-term strategies around tomorrow’s network service solutions. Learn more about becoming a trusted partner of Deutsche Telekom and shape the future of tomorrow’s network services.

Get Connected

“Our experts value open exchanges with industry leaders, partners, thought leaders, and academics. 

To accommodate such an exchange, Group Partnering & Devices (GPD) regularly hosts roundtables, where team members sit down with you to discuss the Future Of… a given topic. 

Here are some insights from our most recent 6G Round table 6G Round table (pdf, 106.5 KB)

Want to be considered to take part in an upcoming event? Leave us your contact details and we will reach out when hosting the next event on your topic.

A consumer device connected in the home.

Focus topic Consumer IoT

We intend to generate the most attractive consumer portfolio of IoT products and services that services and assists people best.