Special Public and Regulatory Affairs

Illustration for NatCo in Germany with country flag.

TKG Amendment 

The most important points of the newly revised German Telecommunications Act.

Digitale Dekade der EU

EU’s digital decade

Perspectives for a strong digital Europe.

Hände auf Computertastatur.


All important contacts of our Public and Regulatory Affairs division in the German capital, the federal states and regions.


Memberships and Transparency

Principles of our political interest representation and association work.

Young woman meets Robot

Digital responsibility

Experts discuss about chances and risks of digitization.

Datenschutz und Sicherheit

Data privacy and security

Find security tips and current information on data privaxy and security here.


Your choice

T-Systems’ data center in Biere. Superimposed the Open Telekom Cloud logo and the European Union flag.


Open Telekom Cloud adheres to EU Cloud Code of...

4 weeks

New European Union laws make sustainability a top issue.


Why Europe’s “Green Deal” needs a successful...

16 weeks

Telekom uses 700 MHz frequency for 5G for the first time.


Telekom uses 700 MHz frequency for 5G for the first time

34 weeks

Telekom's new Brussels podcast is all about European digital policy.


EU puts an end to "Wild West" conditions in digital markets

37 weeks



Why Internet companies should pay for their data...

39 weeks

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