Spread the burden more fairly

Joint appeal of the four major European telecom companies.

The challenges are enormous: The EU estimates around 300 billion euros for the expansion of digitalization in Europe. By 2030 fiber optic connections and the latest mobile communications applications such as 5G should be a matter of course for every European. EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, who is responsible for the internal market, recently clearly formulated the goal in the EU declaration on digital rights and principles: “We want Europeans to know: If you live, study, work or do business in Europe , you can count on first-class connectivity, seamless access to public services and a safe and fair digital space”.

The prerequisite for this is the most modern infrastructure. A debate has long erupted outside of Europe about its financing, be it in the USA or South Korea. With their appeal, the CEOs of the most important telecommunications companies in Europe Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefonica and Orange want to initiate the debate on fair burden sharing when expanding the network in Europe. Because: The big big tech companies from the USA are responsible for most of the data traffic in the EU networks, but their contribution to network expansion is marginal. United appeal

European Union flag.

United appeal of the four major European telecommunications companies

A call for large content platforms to contribute to the cost of the European digital infrastructure that carries their services.