In dialog with politics and society

We see ourselves as a dialog partner in an ever more complex digital world and are actively involved in political debate - responsible, fair and based on facts.

Wolfgang Kopf

Wolfgang Kopf, Senior Vice President for Group Public and Regulatory Affairs at Deutsche Telekom AG.

Regulation and political decisions affect Deutsche Telekom in many ways at both national and European level. This is why it is so important for us to represent our opinion in the political arena. Deutsche Telekom is a force of change and a beacon of trust in an increasingly complex digital world. For this reason, we actively engage in political, regulatory and social debate on the digital transformation processes in Germany and Europe. 

As the leading European telecommunications provider, Deutsche Telekom is the most important driver of digital change - we are pioneering the expansion of the most powerful digital infrastructure. With our products and services, we are key to ensuring that millions of people partake in the digital transformation. As such, we are at the heart of political developments and debates on network and technology issues. This includes topics such as 5G and fiber build-out (FTTH/FTTB) as well as safeguarding digital autonomy. 

With this "Politics and Regulation" topic special, our aim is to contribute to and take a stance on the latest debates on political issues relating to business and society as a responsible interest group. Furthermore, we are running a series of debates entitled "Netzgeschichten-TALK", which offers the government, businesses and the general public a regular platform to discuss social and political aspects of the digital transformation and the latest developments in the ICT world.

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Roof terrace and dome of the Reichstag building in Berlin.

Public and Regulatory Affairs

Deutsche Telekom actively participates in digital policy debates: responsible, fair and fact based.