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At Deutsche Telekom, we are passionate about delivering cutting-edge entertainment experiences through collaborative innovation. From high-quality content services to out-of-the-box hardware solutions, we are invested in designing entertainment that delights our customers while simultaneously benefiting our partners.


Magenta Entertainment.

With an understanding of our stakeholders' challenges, we are committed to sourcing quality solutions for our customers. We are always looking for forward-thinking partners in the entertainment segment and wish to lead the industry in the future of IPTV streaming, gaming, eSports, music, AndroidTV platform features, network optimization, metaverses, and TV and gaming hardware.

Value Created

We scout, curate, and deliver the highest level of innovation for compelling entertainment experiences. The end result is that our customers have access to the latest and best entertainment options, while our partners benefit from tapping into our robust customer network. These activities align with our core principle of simplifying, digitalizing, and speeding up.

Use-Case Approach

From major TV and streaming partners to gaming content services, we work with partners across the entertainment industry to open the door to explore new synergies and intensify cooperation. We scan the innovation hotspots of the world for the best national and international partners for our entertainment ecosystem. Whether you are bringing new ideas to the table or you are improving upon existing services, at Deutsche Telekom, we want to work with you to revolutionize entertainment.

A connected device in the home

Connected Home

With the support of our partners, our Connected Home topic team seeks to create meaningful user experiences of connected services at home.