Focus topic Entertainment

Envision your next family movie night transformed with our innovative solutions: from immersive viewing to uninterrupted network connectivity. Our goal? To delight you, while co-creating extraordinary entertainment experiences with our strategic partners. Expect the unexpected, as we redefine the average family entertainment night at home.


Magenta Entertainment.

The projects we co-build are closely tied to the challenges our customers and stakeholders face: the current focus areas our team is concentrating on include IPTV, eSports, streaming, gaming, music, AndroidTV platform features, network optimization, Metaverse, TV, gaming hardware, and more.

Creating Value in Entertainment

Do you think you could bring fresh ideas to Deutsche Telekom or improve upon some of our existing services? Let’s revolutionize entertainment together! Get in touch with us.

We don't just streamline experiences: we ignite them with the latest entertainment options. By collaborating with partners across the entertainment industry, we harness innovative digital tech and strip complexities, letting everyone bring their A-game. The result is diverse tailored entertainment experiences that give our customers access to the best solutions, ahead of the curve, and right in their living rooms.

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Our Approach

Picture this: an up-and-coming game developer brings their groundbreaking concept to the table, joining forces with our experienced team to create a captivating entertainment experience with a new use case that our customers love.

From major TV and streaming partners to gaming content services, we work with partners across the entertainment industry to open the door to explore new synergies and intensify cooperation.

Our scouting & partnering offices in Asia, Europe, and the US allow us to be your local point of contact and keep us connected.

A connected device in the home

Connected Home

With the support of our partners, our Connected Home topic team seeks to create meaningful user experiences of connected services at home.