Focus topic Privacy and Security

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Ranging from the most fundamental solutions to wholly innovative approaches, our team at Deutsche Telekom carefully selects and delivers cyber security solutions from the global market. We understand our stakeholders’ business challenges regarding data privacy and security, and we look to collaborate with the best and most innovative security partners to solve them.

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With the Privacy and Security topic team we select and deliver cyber security solutions from the global market. © Norbert Ittermann

In close cooperation with business segments, Group Strategy and DTCP (Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners), our privacy and security team identifies innovative security solutions and supports Deutsche Telekom in being the trusted cyber security provider for every customer.

Privacy Value created

With a focus on increasing the effectiveness of privacy and security solutions, we contribute to creating new cyber security business opportunities. Our mission is to solve security challenges with partners, both for our internal customers and our external B2C and B2B customers.

In order to do so, we are continually looking for new partnerships that will help expand our security service and product offerings. If you are a potential partner with a value add for data privacy and protection and cyber security solutions, please reach out to us!

Our Approach to Security

For our team, every project begins by defining customer challenges based on problem definitions. From here, we work to scout for the best solutions, covering every company size, from startups to global players.

Our goal is to create a future in which customers’ security concerns are met with robust solutions. Through our strategic partnerships, we continually look at new angles for improving cyber security, increasing the protection of customer data and privacy, and expanding our global reach. Simultaneously, our partners benefit from tapping into our strong market and brand presence, allowing us to deliver improved solutions faster and more effectively to customers across segments.

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Enterprise Digitization

At Deutsche Telekom, our Enterprise Digitization Team supports our stakeholders in defining a digital transformation strategy.