Focus topic Privacy and Security

At Deutsche Telekom, safeguarding data privacy and security is our utmost priority. We meticulously choose and deliver innovative cybersecurity solutions that address your unique business challenges. By collaborating with top security partners, we strive to provide the best protection for valuable information. Trust us to secure your data and protect your future.

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With the Privacy and Security topic team we select and deliver cyber security solutions from the global market. © Norbert Ittermann

Working closely with business segments, Group Strategy, and DTCP (Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners), our dedicated privacy and security team is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions. Our mission is to ensure that Deutsche Telekom remains your trusted cyber security provider. Together, we strive to bring you and your business partners the highest level of protection and peace of mind in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Creating Value in Privacy & Security

In our dynamic world of privacy and security, we're driven to create business opportunities and provide impactful solutions. Together let's tackle the security challenges of the B2C and B2B customers we've pledged to serve.

To fuel innovation, we actively seek partnerships to expand our security offerings. If you're a potential partner with expertise in data privacy, protection, and cyber security solutions, let's connect.

Join us on this transformative journey toward a more secure digital future: reach out today and let's explore collaboration possibilities!

Our Approach

Collaboratively addressing privacy and security challenges is our priority. Our Special Partnering scouting teams diligently seek out the ideal partners, be they startups, developers, or global corporations.

Through strategic partnerships, we combine our telco resources with cutting-edge technology, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship:
- Our partners gain from our strong market presence and brand.
- Our cybersecurity services receive a significant technological boost.
- Our customers benefit from reliable and fortified security solutions.

Together, we create a powerful synergy that empowers our partners, enhances our cybersecurity services, and ensures our customers' peace of mind.

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Enterprise Digitization

At Deutsche Telekom, our Enterprise Digitization Team supports our stakeholders in defining a digital transformation strategy.