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The COVID-19 pandemic forced work to change drastically — potentially forever — and accelerated the process of digital transformation across organizations. This customer-driven, strategic business transformation requires cross-cutting organizational change, as well as the simultaneous implementation of digital technologies. As the way work is done and business transpires has continued to evolve, companies have been forced to adapt and explore new technology solutions.

A male and female colleague, sitting at their respective work desks.

Ditigal Enterprise Workspace.

At Deutsche Telekom, our Enterprise Digitization Team supports our stakeholders in defining a digital transformation strategy with applicability to enterprise companies across all markets. Our goal is to identify risks, target solutions, and implement a long-term strategy towards the transformation of an organization’s approach to enterprise solutions.

Value Created

Backed by our industry expertise, we provide up-to-date and relevant knowledge about the latest trends in digitization and ensure access to top-tier companies in the field. Additionally, we work to support our stakeholders in the process of the evaluation, selection, and implementation of digitization partners. The end result is that we help ensure a seamless digital transformation of the workplace for businesses of any size through internal and external resources.

Our Approach

We support our stakeholders in building innovative partner portfolios to enable a digital workplace focusing on unified communication and collaboration. We support the digital transformation strategy that our stakeholders create for their customers, backed by industry expertise and innovative enterprise solutions.

We also work with teams to enrich OTT solutions with relevant Telekom assets to provide an integrated portfolio for the best workplace experience. Additionally, we help enhance video conferencing portfolios, both with software and hardware solutions, for different stakeholders and market segments.

From digital transformation to cutting-edge enterprise service solutions, we are continually looking to increase our partnerships and expand our reach. Learn more about partnering with our team today.

Get Connected

“Our experts value open exchanges with industry leaders, partners, thought leaders, and academics. 

To accommodate such an exchange, Group Partnering & Devices (GPD) regularly hosts roundtables, where team members sit down with you to discuss the Future Of… a given topic. 

Here are some insights from our most recent roundtable on Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) roundtable on Device-as-a-Service (pdf, 141.4 KB).  

Want to be considered to take part in an upcoming event? Leave us your contact details and we will reach out when hosting the next event on your topic.

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Privacy and Security

Our privacy and security team identifies innovative security solutions and supports Deutsche Telekom in being the trusted cyber security provider for every customer.