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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a drastic change in workflow across most organizations. Above all, corporate digitization has been accelerated globally - a customer-driven, strategic business transformation that requires cross-cutting organizational changes.

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As the digital telco leader, we're committed to digitizing business operations and enabling our teams and partners to function effectively, even during and post-pandemic. In realizing a digital transformation, we place high importance on fostering a 'Work from Anywhere' (WFX) culture. Our teams do that by prioritizing technology and innovation which support remote collaboration and seamless digital workflows.

Our mission goes beyond comfort: we want to thrive in the new work landscape and optimize our operations for flexibility, resilience, and long-term success.

Creating Value in Enterprise Digitization

Backed by our industry expertise, we continuously work on innovative digitization solutions to ensure all pivotal challenges faced by our teams, clients, and stakeholders are met.

Our team aims to go beyond simple collaboration with our digitization partners - we strive to unite their pioneering solutions with our unique telco resources to create unique and tangible benefits. This synergistic approach empowers businesses by promoting cost-efficiency and streamlining operations. Thus, every partnership we forge is aimed at making businesses stronger, more resilient, and future-proof.

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Our Approach

The issues we tackle with our partners align with Deutsche Telekom's digital transformation strategy, which reflects our stakeholders' priorities and challenges. Meanwhile, we also give weight to our partners' objectives and the obstacles they and their stakeholders encounter.

We also work with teams to enrich OTT solutions with relevant Telekom assets to provide an integrated portfolio for the best workplace experience. Additionally, we help enhance video conferencing portfolios, both with software and hardware solutions, for different stakeholders and market segments.

Once our team has chosen the digitization project we’ll work on, our scouts start looking for the best-fit partners to address it with.

Let’s Connect

Our team values open exchange with industry leaders, partners, topic owners, and academics. To accommodate such an exchange, Group Partnering & Devices (GPD) regularly hosts roundtables where diverse rounds are formed and the main topic revolves around the future of a given topic.

Find the key insights from one of our recent roundtable events on Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) here.

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Becoming the Leading Digital Telco

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