Focus topic Sustainability

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Our sustainability focus topic helps Deutsche Telekom reach its ambitious sustainability goals. All of this is happening in close cooperation with group corporate responsibility and other business segments.


We identify the biggest stakeholder challenges and pain points, and aim to connect with the most innovative and green partners to solve them, using a demand-driven approach.

Together with our partner network, we educate Deutsche Telekom, the public and our customers by continuously generating an overview on trends and developments within the global sustainability landscape.

Value created

We contribute the hardware piece to brand value changes towards sustainability. Solve sustainability challenges with partner solutions, both internally and for our B2C/B2B customers.

If you are a (potential) partner, with a value add in our networks please reach out to us!

Use-Case Approach

We define the customer challenge, based on problem definition and scout for fitting solutions, run a pilot with one or more highly qualified solutions and ultimately select the best performing one.

For example, we enable customers to understand, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.


Voice Assistant

Deutsche Telekom has a vision to simplify our home customers’ lives, and one of the primary ways that we are seeking to do that is through voice.