Focus topic Sustainability

Above everything, we believe sustainability is a fundamental responsibility. Deutsche Telekom has ambitious corporate sustainability goals, and joining forces with progressive innovators is key to reaching them.

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With the Sustainability topic team, we intend to make sustainability the norm in every one of our partnerships, ranging from strategic partners to startups. © Astrid Grosser

We identify the most significant stakeholder challenges and pain points using a demand-driven approach. Through our green partner network, customers, and the public, we strive to provide solutions addressing our environmental goals, including:

- Circular Economy: Becoming a circular economy pioneer by 2030, and implementing circularity in as many of our technologies and devices as possible.
- Climate: Actively employ climate protection measures while continuing to reduce CO2 emissions, conserve resources, and use greener energy.
- Biodiversity & water: Preserving biodiversity, avoiding deforestation, and safeguarding natural resources like water.
- Ensure our networks and connectivity services are powered efficiently and mindfully.

Why is sustainability important to us? Our ultimate goal is simple: a cleaner, greener, and more thoughtful way of life for you, us, and everyone else - by everyone, for everyone. Click here to read more about our sustainable goals and more.

Creating Sustainable Value

Through scouting and partnering with promising environmentally-conscious developers and sustainable companies, we actively introduce diverse green practices into the telco industry. As a digital leading telco, we continuously promote corporate sustainability and take meaningful steps toward a future that preserves our planet.

Do you think your green tech solution could excel further by gaining access to leading corporate resources? We’re eager to hear more about you - get in touch!

Our Approach

Once we've identified the challenge at hand and the sustainable companies we wish to tackle it with, we embark on a collaborative journey. Together, we tap into our collective resources and expertise to explore various directions the technology could take. We run various pilots and ultimately, we select the best-performing ones for deployment.

Through our collaborative green projects, we continuously promote corporate sustainability and environmental stewardship. We consistently ensure that all solutions implemented are scalable and adaptable to different contexts, and by sharing our insights and experiences within the industry, we aim to inspire and drive further innovation towards a sustainable future. Our knowledge-sharing not only fosters a culture of learning but also enhances the development of a sustainable ecosystem within our field - click here to find out more.


Voice Assistant

Deutsche Telekom has a vision to simplify our home customers’ lives, and one of the primary ways that we are seeking to do that is through voice.