Magenta Voice Assistant in the home

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Deutsche Telekom has a vision to simplify our home customers’ lives, and one of the primary ways that we are seeking to do that is through voice. We have a voice-first strategy that means that all Deutsche Telekom’s products and services are quickly and easily accessible via voice, primarily “Magenta”, DT’s own voice assistant.


Magenta Speaker.

GPD informs and inspires the Voice program by providing fresh insights and new perspectives to drive growth and differentiation by highlighting trends and developments within the global smart voice market.

With our focus on the future of voice control, we actively support the Magenta Voice program, making voice the ubiquitous natural interface and hygiene factor for all Deutsche Telekom’s consumer products and services. Specifically, we focus on voice command for TV, connectivity solutions, and customer service, working closely with both global strategic partners and startups.

Our team understands the biggest stakeholder challenges and pain points and scouts for the most innovative and privacy-compliant partners to ensure we create use cases that are needs-based.

Value Created

We actively contribute to consumer segment discussions, identifying newly developing customer needs, industry-specific requirements, prospective partners, routes to market, and new use cases that can be enabled in the journey to realize a voice-first customer journey.

If you are a potential partner with a value add in our voicification goals within our consumer area, then please reach out to us! 

Our Approach

Our approach begins by defining the customer challenge based on a problem definition. From here, we scout for fitting solutions — from longlist to shortlist. Once identified, we run a pilot with one or more highly qualified solutions and ultimately select the best-performing one. Finally, we work to bring these innovations to the smart voice market efficiently and effectively, providing our customers with cutting-edge voice control solutions.

A consumer device connected in the home.

Focus topic Consumer IoT

We intend to generate the most attractive consumer portfolio of IoT products and services that services and assists people best.