Magenta Voice Assistant in the home

When it comes to our voicification goals, the vision is clear: we want to simplify our customers’ life at home.

At the heart of our approach is the use of voice technology. Let's create a seamless experience across the home for customers using their Magenta voice assistant - multitasking has never been so easy!


Magenta Speaker.

We are committed to making voicification an easily accessible, safe, and secure interface for most of our products and services, while actively working on further developing our Magenta Voice program.

Creating Value in Voice Assistance

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, our teams stay ahead of emerging trends (like Generative AI, cybersecurity, and more), vigilantly attuned to evolving consumer needs and their shifting lifestyles. By directly speaking with our customers and communities, we discern newly formed needs, propelling our search for innovators with new and exciting applications and use cases.

Do you think you’re working on a technology that could benefit from a strategic partnership with the digital telco leader? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about it.

Would you like to find out more about our use cases? Read our “Goodbye remote control, hello voice control” blog article here.

Our Approach

Once our team has identified the newly developing customer needs and industry-specific challenges that we want to solve, our scouts start looking for the best-fit potential partners.

Through forming strategic partnerships with forward-thinking startups, developer teams, and global players, we are able to combine our internal telco resources and our partners’ innovative technology or approach.

Goodbye remote control, hello voice control.


Reghu Ram Thanumalayan


Goodbye remote control, hello voice control

No more annoying tapping on the remote control of the TV, just say what you want.