Deutsche Telekom at Hanover Fair: Smart Logistics

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In the warehouse, everything is perfectly in order, because AI-based automation with image recognition, supported by efficient Bluetooth-LE technology ensures that localization processes on the factory floor become more transparent.

Symbol image logistics

In the warehouse, everything is perfectly in order.

Via these systems, all employees are always up-to-date about the current status of the inventory. Meanwhile, engineers and technicians can just press the service button on the machine in need of a spare part and the picker in the warehouse receives a notification.

Customers benefit

Smart logistics also benefit customers. If goods are shipped, they receive a digital bill of lading, which contains all the relevant information in the required language. Additionally, the goods are equipped with a so-called “Roambee”, whose sensors provide feedback about location, temperature and condition of the goods at any time during the transport period. As an additional option, companies can set real-time alarms, in case some of the feedback data deviates from the previously defined standard values.

A telematics portal does it all

In that case, it is even possible to automate the initiation of countermeasures, such as raising or lowering the temperature of the cargo. There are also benefits for the logistics companies: combined with driver apps, a telematics portal provides information about the GPS position of the company’s vehicles, driving speed, rest periods, data about the status of the vehicle – for example the condition of brakes and tires as well as air pressure of the latter – or the current temperature of the transported goods. In addition, a so-called thermobot is also ensuring that food is always kept at the correct temperature at all points of the logistics chain. Smart all around.

Shape the digital now Visit us at the Hanover Fair from April 23 to 27: Hall 6, Booth F16.