Deutsche Telekom at Hanover Fair: Smart Production

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In a smart production facility, high-performance networks like the already available Narrow Band IoT and the 5G of tomorrow ensure processing speed and stability for IoT applications as well as maximum security.

Symbol image production

The service technician can monitor production robots and plants in real time.

But since a truly connected production facility doesn’t stop right past the factory gates, companies can count on reliable international components such as NGENA and SDWAN. Meanwhile, on the factory floor EATON and T-Systems are combining their expertise.

Plants completely monitored

EATON equips its machines and components with the ability to connect to T-Systems’ IoT platform via the OPC-UA standard, allowing companies to monitor entire plants and perform predictive maintenance on them. If maintenance becomes necessary, ServiceNow initiates an automatic field service workflow is initiated. By using Wearables and AR glasses, the service technician can monitor production robots and plants in real time and via retrofitting processes even existing plants and machines can be digitalized in this manner.

Next Generation Maintenance

Unplanned shutdowns of production facilities are both costly and a threat to just-in-time agreements between producer and customer. Next Generation Maintenance is an end-to-end approach, which detects anomalies and provides information on how to enhance product design and quality – before the production line even stops.

Simulate and test

A smart dashboard allows companies to view a digital image of the entire production environment and to simulate and test future changes in the virtual image first.Finally, blockchain technology ensures that cross-company processes and transactions are stored for all authorized parties in a transparent, verifiable and tamper-proof manner.

Shape the digital now Visit us at the Hanover Fair from April 23 to 27: Hall 6, Booth F16.