We all decide whether we leave the net to hate

For a lot of people, hatred and exclusion are part of their everyday life online. Often, skin color, gender, personal values or the fact that one holds a political office are enough to get attacked. But it can also affect everyone else. Anyone who exposes themselves, expresses themselves, commits to a cause, or assists others. The consequences for us as a society are severe. The consequences for individuals can be devastating. But we can do something about it. By making a positive contribution on the net with our own comments and by supporting those affected.

Telekom is committed to a net that is open-minded, welcoming and accessible for everyone, with room for different perspectives and opinions. For a network without hate, where people treat each other with respect.

Wir entscheiden! Gemeinsam gegen Hass im Netz!

Wir entscheiden! Gemeinsam gegen Hass im Netz! © Deutsche Telekom

When individuals use this digital space to disparage, offend, or hate other people, it's up to all of us not to look away or keep scrolling, but to make a clear decision against any form of hate speech. 

Every single comment makes a difference to the net that we live in. Every single positive comment helps and supports someone. Because the consequences of hate speech are not only borne by the person affected, but also by us as a society. 

In individual cases, lives can be affected

Anxiety attacks, depression and even physical effects are many times higher among those affected by hate speech than in the rest of the population. With the conscious decision to keep one's own comments and thus personal interaction online respectful and sociable, a net without hate can begin. And we support supporting those affected by hatespeech.If this works out for all of us is up to all of us. 

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Every comment directed at another person leaves traces in that person's life. Hate speech, though an online phenomenon, always intrudes real life with real consequences. For young people it is especially hard to bear. Because the digital space is a significant part of their world. But we can prevent this. If we choose not to tolerate hate, but instead encourage and support others. A simple comment can make such a difference. And we can all make that choice. Because in the end, It’s up to us whether we leave the net to hate.  

To help lead the way to a different, more respectful web, we work with many partners who inspire people to take action themselves and give them the right toolkit. Take a look at what our partners are doing and offering: Here is a small selection.

Our partners



The “ichbinhier e.V.” association aims to sensitize people to the issue of online hate and explains the causes of hate speech as well as the distribution and the effects of such speech. It supports people and institutions in all areas of society in being prepared for digital attacks and stands for more digital civil courage.


Freunde fürs Leben

10,000 people die each year in Germany as a result of suicide. People who suffer from (cyber) bullying are three times more likely to take their own lives than those who have never experienced bullying. The Freunde fürs Leben e.V. association wants to change this through measures such as informing adolescents and young adults about mental health, depression, and suicide.

Logo HateAid


HateAid strengthens human rights in the digital space. Anyone affected by digital violence receives comprehensive advice and legal support from HateAid. The non-profit organization educates politicians, the judiciary and business about hate on the internet and creates concrete solutions for our democracy. Its goal: a digital world in which freedom of expression is preserved and participation is made possible.


Nummer gegen Kummer

The “Nummer gegen Kummer” association is the largest free telephone advice hotline for children, young people, and parents in Germany. Anyone encountering cyberbullying and needing help can also call the service and speak to understanding contact persons . Within the protective surroundings of a confidential phone or online consultation, the volunteer consultants support affected adolescents in mastering the challenges posed by their digital environments and help worried parents to proficiently support their children.



Under the “Media, sure! But secure.” banner, Teachtoday supports children & young persons, parents & grandparents, as well as teachers with practical and everyday tips. A toolbox contains a range of materials for various areas of children’s and young people’s lives.

#TAKEPART in fighting for a network without hate

No Hate Speech

Words must not become a weapon. Deutsche Telekom is fighting for a network without hate in which we treat one another respectfully.