The innovation narrative: With us you stay up to date

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With us you stay up to date. We go ahead so that you don't have to step up on the spot. We are committed to this - with time, money and passion.


The innovation narrative: With us you stay up to date.

With our products and our network, you can be sure to always #takepart in all the latest developments and technologies. Our aim is to enrich and simplify your life. In private, at work, whenever and wherever.

We make innovations for you. At the beginning of every development only one question guides us: How does this technology benefit you? We will only implement a new technology, if we are sure that it will be useful for you.

Our products keep you up to date with the latest technology. Your optimal connectivity, security at home are really important to us. Full control using touch, gesture, or voice? We make it possible.     

Our smart city ideas help save energy, time, and stress – with them, the free parking lot will be looking for you for a change. Street lamps are also learning and trash cans let you know when they need to be emptied.

We also connect your company’s campus, make processes virtual, and digitalize your day-to-day work. So you can all work together - even from home - across borders and continents. You will need to travel less, save CO2, and the bottom line this will save you money too.

The foundation for all that, even on the go, is our resilient, high-performance network. Crisis-tested!

To make sure you stay secure, we regularly take care of new security updates, protecting your identity and data.

We make innovations for you. At the beginning of every development we always ask ourselves: What is the benefit of this technology for you? Only when we are sure that it is useful for you do we use it.


Artificial intelligence for our everyday life

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