Innovations with people at the center

Good technology is only really good if it does not violate ethical principles. We align our technological developments with people. In a simple formula, this means that our products must benefit people and not harm them. We call this "human-centered technology."


Here we report on our world of innovation in a colorful, moving and entertaining way – from Israel, South Korea or Silicon Valley.

At the beginning of every development, we always ask ourselves: What does this technology bring you? Does it solve a problem or does it create new ones? Only when we are sure that it will benefit you do we use it. 

And of course it has to be safe. For example, we protect your identity and data and regularly provide security updates to our products.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in new products and services. It opens up new opportunities and makes it easier for many people to participate digitally. In service, for example, our chatbot Ask Magenta in Germany now understands even complex inquiries thanks to AI and thus helps many customers quickly and reliably. In addition, real people will of course continue to be available to answer your questions.

In order to offer the greatest possible security when using AI, Deutsche Telekom issued guidelines for the ethical use of AI as early as 2018. These stipulate, for example, that customers always know whether they are talking or writing to an AI or a real person.

We believe in the positive potential of innovations, in the opportunities they open up for us. In the fact that they provide solutions to the concerns and challenges of us humans. We are curious and always open to breaking new technological ground – for sure!


Artificial intelligence for our everyday life

DT uses artificial intelligence to simplify everyday life. Our photo gallery shows examples.