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Deutsche Telekom in Germany

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Telekom Deutschland offers consumers and business customers everything from a single source. The Germany operating segment comprises all mobile and fixed-network communications activities in Germany. It also supplies upstream telecommunications services to other Group segments and to competitors.

Integrated networks for the Gigabit society

Our fixed-line network speaks the language of the future: IP. We have nearly completed our IP transformation, with a migration rate of over 99 percent.

We are building out our network more than any other telco in Germany. Every day. More than 35 million households in Germany are now connected to our fiber-optic network. Some 1.7 million households can now book a gigabit-capable line. We don't just connect big cities, either; we supply fast internet lines to Germany's other regions as well. Eighty percent of German households enjoy broadband coverage of at least 50 Mbit/s. The foundation for this is our fiber-optic network, which is more than 500,000 kilometers long overall.

There are more than 30,000 mobile base stations in Deutsche Telekom's network, a higher figure than any other carrier in Germany. We commissioned nearly four new sites every day on average in 2019 alone – around 1,400 in total. In the coming years, we plan to build up to 10,000 more mobile base stations, to make our network coverage even more comprehensive. Our LTE network serves more than 98 percent of Germany's population. 

Our deployment of the 5G communications standard continues, proceeding hand in hand with the LTE build-out. We plan to offer 5G coverage to half of Germany's population by the end of 2020. 


Our 3.6 million customers enjoy "MagentaTV," our IPTV product. They are delighted with the more than 100 TV channels, the major streaming services, and the impressive Megathek content library every day. Additional features like restart, time shift, and a comprehensive search function ensure a perfect TV-viewing experience – with the best content and the most user-friendly interface, running on Germany's best network. We offer television for today and tomorrow, whether linear, time-shifted, or on-demand. 


Telekom Deutschland has one of the largest service organizations in Europe. Nearly 30,000 employees at our service centers and in field service take care of our customers' requests and questions. Our service colleagues manage 100 million customer contacts each year and our technicians absolve nearly 40,000 appointments with customers every day. Our service is TÜV-certified and has taken first place in many comparative tests.

Recognized performance

Our goal is to offer the best possible solutions to every one of our customers. We have won many renowned expert tests and reader surveys this past year, including those by magazines Fokus Money, CHIP, connect, Computer Bild, and Umlaut. MagentaTV, our TV product, was recognized as "Outstanding" by the "connect" test. In fact, "connect" readers awarded us first place in seven categories in 2020, including best fixed-network operator and best mobile carrier.

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