Illustration for NatCo in Germany with country flag.


Deutsche Telekom in Germany

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Be it a fixed or mobile network, at home or on the go, Deutsche Telekom offers its consumers and business customers in Germany everything from a single source under the “T” brand.

Through the integration of the service portfolio under the shared “T” corporate brand, Deutsche Telekom is able to meet the requirements of modern telecommunications customers in the consumer and business sectors in Germany. 

Fixed network

Our method of combining fixed-network and mobile communications in one and the same product is proving popular. With over 500,000 kilometers of cable now laid, our fiber-optic network forms the basis for high-performance fixed-network and mobile infrastructure.

Mobile communications

Deutsche Telekom is helping to pioneer 5G in Europe, too. The first antennas to fully support the new communications standard are already up and running in Berlin, Darmstadt, Hamburg, and Warsaw. We are hosting the world’s first test of 5G for industry at the Port of Hamburg,
and we have already achieved record-breaking transmission speeds in Austria, Greece, and Macedonia.


Telekom Deutschland GmbH

Telekom Deutschland is the subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG responsible for consumers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany. Mobile internet, the connected home, cloud services, and intelligent networks for the energy, healthcare, and automotive segments are among the innovation and growth markets served by Telekom Deutschland. Its core business covers products and services for fixed-network and mobile telephony, broadband internet, and the TV market.

T-Systems GmbH

T-Systems provides corporate and business customers with integrated solutions for connected business and society. In terms of expertise and organization, T-Systems centers on three product segments – IT, telecommunications, and selected digital areas of growth.


By 2025, 5G is set to cover 99 percent of the German population and 90 percent of the country’s surface area. 

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Places of operations, subsidiaries and affiliates of Deutsche Telekom Group.