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Deutsche Telekom in Hungary

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Magyar Telekom is the main provider of telecommunication services in Hungary. The company offers a broad range of telecommunication and ICT services: fixed network and mobile communication services, data communication and non-voice services as well as IT and systems integration services.

Subsidiaries in Hungary: T-Systems Hungary Ltd. (owned 100 percent by Magyar Telekom) provides SI/IT services to enterprise customers.

International subsidiaries: Magyar Telekom is the majority owner of Makedonski Telekom, the leading fixed line and mobile operator in Macedonia. Through its subsidiaries in Bulgaria (Novatel Bulgaria) and in Romania (Combridge), Magyar Telekom is a key wholesale provider in the SEE region.

Magyar Telekom Plc.

  • Core business: Fixed-line and mobile voice and broadband data, IPTV and CATV, ICT and SI products and services
  • Stake held by DT (indirectly): 59.21 percent
  • Employees: 9,432 (as of December 31, 2016)
  • Customers (end of 2016): 5.5 million mobile customers; 1.42 million fix voice customers; 1 million retail broadband customers; 969,000 TV customers

Highlights in 2016:

  • The Board of Directors of the Company has decided at its meeting on February 24 to renew the mandate of the Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Mattheisen, until May 31, 2019.
  • In February the career orientation program of the Magyar Telekom Group titled ” Become an IT Expert!” was launched. The objective of the program: break down stereotypes, make the IT career more attractive. Currently the Hungarian labor market lacks 10,000 IT experts.
  • In May Magyar Telekom launched and employee share ownership program within the frame of which the vast majority of Magyar Telekom Plc. and T-Systems Hungary Ltd. employees may be entitled to a share benefit.
  • Magyar Telekom established a fully 4G based test call in the company’s headquarters at Budapest, Krisztina körút, on May 17, the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.
  • Magyar Telekom and its consolidated subsidiaries have won at group level HUF 12.2 billion of EU funds in the first and second rounds (involving the Western and Eastern parts of Hungary) of a tender aimed at developing digital networks nationwide to cover households in 46 districts with a fixed network capable of reaching the speed of at least 30 Mbps.
  • In November Telekom made 1000 Mbps fixed-line internet access available to residential, SMB and large enterprise customers alike in all geographical areas where fiber optic networks have already been put in place, which enables superfast fixed-line down and uploads.
  • On November 15 the foundation stone of the  Magyar Telekom headquarters in Budapest was laid. The largest office building in Hungary – located within one block of buildings – will worthily be called the „workplace of the future” due to its location, energy efficient appliances and humanly designed inner spaces.
  • In November Telekom switched to 450 Mbps speed in Gödöllő. Currently this is the highest speed commercial 4G/4G+ mobile data service in Hungary which, for the time being, is only available for those residents of Gödöllő who have the necessary high-speed devices but according to the company's plans the solution will also be available at key importance events in the future. 
  • In November the operator, together with Ericsson Hungary, tested the 1200 Mbps download speed mobile technology at the Regional Digital Summit organized in Budapest. The further developed 4G+ technology - which is only  operable in laboratories yet - offers a radical - approximately three times higher - performance increase compared to the currently available best mobile internet service.
  • As a result of Telekom's network development efforts the outdoor residential coverage of the 4G network  increased to 98% , indoor coverage increased to 87.2% by the end of the year. Telekom's 4G services are currently available in more than 2800 settlements. By the end of 2016, 70% of the mobile data traffic was managed on 4G network. The number of 4G customers increased by 44% last year and their number is around 1.4 million. The outdoor 4G+ service with a 300 Mbit/sec nominal download speed, is available in more than 40 settlements, for almost 25% of the citizens. It is a compliment for the quality of the Hungarian mobile networks, that the independent OpenSignal survey published in November placed the Hungarian 4G mobile networks third in the world in the field of average download speed.
  • As a result of Magyar Telekom’s intensive, self-financed network development activities high-speed fixed line internet was made available in another million households within two years (2015-2016). Thus by now more than 2.8 million households may enjoy an at least 30 Mbps fixed-line service on Telekom’s network. Now in almost 700 thousand households a Gigabit-capable optical network is available.
  • The operation of the Magyar Telekom Group becomes completely carbon neutral also in 2016. 2015 was the first year for the group to operate completely carbon neutral, which made Magyar Telekom the first Hungarian large company to achieve this and was also among the first leading European telecommunication operators to reach this objective.
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