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Deutsche Telekom in Slovakia

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Deutsche Telekom is present in the Slovak telecommunications market in two companies: Slovak Telekom Group and T-Systems Slovakia.

The Slovak Telekom Group consist of the parent company Slovak Telekom and its subsidiaries providing comprehensive telecommunication services, content, IT services to individuals, households and corporate clients. T-Systems Slovakia is ICT solutions for the global corporate clients of the Deutsche Telekom Group. 

Offerings for consumers

Slovak Telekom is the leading player in the telecommunications market providing comprehensive fixed and mobile services under the Telekom brand to end users. Slovak Telekom has received 7 consecutive “Best in Test” awards by umlaut for the best quality mobile network in the country and is ranked among TOP 10 globally. Slovak Telekom fixed offering includes internet access, TV and voice services provided over optic fiber and metallic networks for households all over Slovakia. In recent years, number of Magenta 1 customers using fixed-mobile convergent offers is growing.

Offerings for business customers

Slovak Telekom provides its business clients comprehensive services including fixed and mobile voice and data plans internet access and TV services for entrepreneurs, SME and corporations. The Company also provides top of the class IoT, cloud services, data storage, computer networks, cyber security services and Smarty City solutions for businesses and public sector.
T-Systems Slovakia is a dynamic player in the information communication technologies (ICT) sector and is one of the five largest subsidiaries of T-Systems International GmbH, worldwide. The company serves two main markets – information and communication technology outsourcing solutions (ITO) and solutions for business process outsourcing (BPO). For global corporate clients, ICT outsourcing is one of the most important tools for improving economic performance and flexibility. Over the coming years, the company will continue to transform its operations in Kosice into a competence and innovation centre for selected strategic products and services of the Deutsche Telekom group.


In 2019, Slovak Telekom Group has achieved total revenues of 785 million EUR and posted year-on-year growth in operational indicators as well – including mobile customers, fixed and broadband accesses or TV subscribers.

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Places of operations, subsidiaries and affiliates of Deutsche Telekom Group.