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Deutsche Telekom in Austria

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Deutsche Telekom is present in the Austrian mobile communications market by virtue of its subsidiary Magenta Telekom. Via T-Systems, the company also offers cutting-edge IT services for business customers.

In May 2019, T-Mobile Austria and UPC Austria merged to form Magenta Telekom. This move saw the Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries pool their portfolios under the Magenta brand, while retaining the internationally renowned corporate “T” logo.

A pioneering country in 5G

As Austria’s second largest provider, Magenta Telekom offers mobile services for contract and prepay customers via a state-of-the-art network. In March 2019, Magenta Telekom launched its 5G network, which saw the first 25 transmission stations go live throughout Austria.

Offerings for consumers

The mobile network run by Magenta Telekom covers more than 99 percent of the population, over 97 percent of which using LTE technology.

Offerings for business customers

In Austria, T-Systems makes use of its collective expertise to support its customers throughout their entire value chain at all stages of complex system implementation – from infrastructure, consultancy, development, implementation, and integration right through to operating the solutions. 


Magenta Telekom recorded a 17.2 percent rise in revenue in the 2018 reporting year. This increase is attributable to the effects of the acquisition of UPC Austria, which now allows us to offer fixed-network technology in addition to the mobile broadband internet services already being successfully marketed to our customers. 

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