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Deutsche Telekom in Austria

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Deutsche Telekom is present in the Austrian mobile communications market with its subsidiary Magenta Telekom (T-Mobile Austria GmbH). Via T-Systems, the company also offers cutting-edge IT services for business customers.

In May 2019, T-Mobile Austria and UPC Austria merged to form the new Magenta Telekom. This move saw the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary pool its services under the Magenta and Magenta Business brands, while retaining the internationally renowned corporate “T” logo. The company offers broadband internet via fiber-optic cable, mobile communications, entertainment, the latest technologies for digital life and business solutions.

Pioneering country for 5G

In March 2019, T-Mobile Austria was the first mobile network operator in Austria its first 5G stations. By March 2021 there were already more than 1,200 5G-capable sites, which translates to more than 40 percent of all households and companies in Austria. Magenta Telekom is involved in scientific research projects concerning 5G in the automotive sector, working with the University of Vienna to develop 5G applications for cities, and operating a 5G campus for research purposes and industrial product development in cooperation with Graz University of Technology. 

Gigabit trailblazer

84 percent of all gigabit-range internet connections in Austria are provided by Magenta Telekom (source: Broadband Atlas published by the Austrian government). This involves internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbit/s, which are available to more than 1,4 million households, or 32 percent of all households in Austria. 

Offerings for consumers

The mobile network run by Magenta Telekom covers more than 99 percent of the population, 98.6 percent of which using LTE technology and over 40 percent using 5G. With its fiber-optic cable network, the company provides fast broadband internet.  TV products are offered in the form of classic cable TV as well as a TV app which can be watched any time and anywhere.

Offerings for business customers

Magenta Telekom is a one-stop shop for end-to-end solutions, fiber-optic internet, and fixed-network telephony for business customers and offers all internet technologies and digitalization solutions. Magenta offers a special network for the Internet of Things (NarrowBand IoT and LTE-M) within its mobile communications network and acts as a Competence Center for the Internet of Things (IoT), among other tasks, for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group.

As Deutsche Telekom's corporate customer arm, T-Systems is helping to shape the networked future of business and society with innovative ICT solutions and guides its customers in complex system implementation.

Since January 1, 2020, T-Systems has bundled its business in Austria and Switzerland in the “Alpine region”.  Deutsche Telekom has bundled all services for network infrastructures for corporate and business customers in one single company since July 1, 2020:  Deutsche Telekom Global Business Solutions GmbH (DTBS). 

Financial year 2020

Magenta Telekom is defying the coronavirus and has been able to end the 2020 financial year with growth in all financial KPIs. Despite huge declines in roaming business, its revenue increased by two percent to 1,307.9 million euros (prior-year figure: 1,276.2 million euros). 

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Deutsche Telekom in Switzerland

As a subsidiary of T-Systems with International, the "Alpine Region" comprising of Austria and Switzerland is positioning itself as a top player in the field of digitization, revenues of more than €300 million (2018) – the highest revenue for any region outside of Germany.