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Magyar Telekom is one of Hungary’s largest telecommunications operators, providing the full range of telecommunication and info-communication (ICT) services, including fixed-line, mobile phone, data transmission, and non-voice as well as IT and system integration services.

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Magyar Telekom Group’s activities cover three basic business areas

  • fixed-line and mobile communications services for residential customers, services for SMB and enterprise customers 
  • corporate info-communication services provided to enterprise customers 

Business and Consumer 

Magyar Telekom is connected to the lives of its customers by millions of links: telephone, Internet, TV, and IT: in all areas, it offers a high-quality, reliable, and uniquely broad range of services. Magyar Telekom's primary mission is to make digitalization an opportunity for progress for all.

Network Infrastructure

It is in that spirit that the company rolls out and develops its fixed-line networks across the country, as a result of which Telekom has more than 3.5 million gigabit-speed-capable access points on its fixed networks, which means that nearly half of all homes and businesses in Hungary have access to gigabit-capable connections. As far as the 4G network is concerned, population coverage is complete, specifically 99.8 percent outdoor and 91.6 percent indoor.


Magyar Telekom launched commercial 5G service on the 3.6 GHz frequency in April 2020, and on the 2100 MHz frequency range in November 2020. 

The company continued its multi-year network modernisation programme in 2023, which aims to improve quality of service as well as increase capacity to meet the growing demand for voice and data traffic from customers.
The modernisation of mobile base stations includes not only active and passive radios, but also the infrastructure required to house and operate them. By 2022, the company will have upgraded almost 30 percent of its mobile base stations, bringing the total number of modernised stations to 60 percent. 

Telekom aims to continue to meet the growing data needs of its customers at the highest level and has therefore increased 5G coverage in the population by 60 per cent by 2023 to make the latest generation of mobile technology available to more customers. 

With the expansion of 5G access, the demand for fast and secure private mobile network access in the corporate environment is also increasing. Magyar Telekom offers its customers a private (non-public) campus network as a commercial service that provides both fast and flexible network connectivity and is separate from the public network. 

Digital transformation

As a responsible company, Magyar Telekom aims not only to provide ICT services in Hungary, but also to educate people about the safe and responsible use of the Internet. 

As part of its initiatives, Telekom places special emphasis on the online and physical safety of children. The child protection guidelines, information materials and tests are available to everyone on the website

Magyar Telekom believes in the potential of digitalisation and the use of new technologies. Telekom's corporate blog and Magenta podcast  are intended to be a credible hub for telecom-related news in Hungary. 

Telekom considers it important that the older generation also learns about the digital world and the possibilities of technology. Through the Netrevalók programme, secondary school students show older people that it is easy to learn how to use smart devices, the Internet and online solutions.

With the KraftRoad programme, Telekom Kraft also supports young visionaries with training and events on the way to developing their inventions and projects. 


As a result of a survey by PwC Hungary, Magyar Telekom was awarded - for the fifth time - the Most Attractive Workplace Award in the telecommunications sector.

Since 2005, the Magyar Telekom Group has been addressing the issue of sustainability at a strategic level and has focused its activities on the three pillars of environment, society and corporate governance. 

For the period 2021-2030, the company has set three main strategic priorities in addition to full compliance with sustainability requirements. In the area of climate protection, emissions are to be reduced by 84 per cent in Scope 1-2 and by 30 per cent in Scope 3 by 2030. The targets in the area of digitalisation include ensuring that every household in Hungary has a gigabit connection by 2030 and contributing to six million digitally literate people in Hungary through training and digitalisation projects. As a commitment to diversity and equal opportunities, Telekom has set itself the goal of employing at least 40 per cent female managers by the end of the strategy period and offering 100 per cent accessible services to its customers.

Magyar Telekom Group's sustainability efforts have been recognised by several international responsible investor organisatio

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