Deutsche Telekom in Hungary

Magyar Telekom is Hungary’s largest telecommunication operator, providing the full range of telecommunication and info-communication (ICT) services, including fixed-line, mobile phone, data transmission, and non-voice as well as IT and system integration services.

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Magyar Telekom Group’s activities cover three basic business areas under two brands:

  • fixed-line and mobile communications services for residential customers - Telekom brand)
  • services for SMB customers (Telekom brand)
  • corporate services provided to enterprise customers (T-Systems brand)

Business and Consumer 

Magyar Telekom is present in the lives of its customers in a million different ways, be that phone lines, internet, TV, or IT: it provides a top-quality, reliable, and uniquely wide range of service portfolio. Magyar Telekom’s firm belief is that “now” is the best day and age ever, and that we must do our best now to digitally upgrade Hungary: connect everyone and include them in our digital presence, enabling everybody to enjoy the unlimited potential it offers.

Network Infrastructure

It is in that spirit that the company rolls out and develops its fixed-line networks across the country, as a result of which Telekom has more than 2.5 million gigabit-speed- capable access points on its fixed networks, which means that nearly half of all homes and businesses in Hungary has access to gigabit-capable connections. As far as the 4G network is concerned, coverage is complete, specifically 99.3 percent outdoor and 89.1 percent indoor.


In April 2020, Magyar Telekom launched its 5G commercial service on 3.6 GHz frequency. Thanks to continuous developments completed since then, the 5G mobile service is already available - besides Budapest and Budaörs – in 21 settlements around lake Balaton and 5 county capitals: Zalegerszeg, Debrecen, Szeged, Kecskemét, and Szombathely. In November 2020, Magyar Telekom launched its 5G commercial service on the 2100 MHz frequency range as well, and by the end of the year, the company extended the outdoor population coverage of its 5G network to almost 30 percent in the capital. Through the combined use of both frequencies, the nationwide population coverage of Telekom's 5G network reached seven percent. 

Digital transformation

As a responsible corporation, we believe that we are not only here to provide services to our customers but also to educate them on the safe and responsible use of the internet. Along with these efforts we aim to close the digital divide in Hungary because we firmly believe that digital solutions can bring us closer to achieving our goals.

Not only do we bring them into this world, but also guide them so that they see the potential and the threats involved. As part of our initiatives, we put extra emphasis on the online and physical safety of our children. The goal of our Child Protection Guidelines is to ensure that every child or young adult access the information they need in an enjoyable and safe environment because the wellbeing of children is of primary importance. Our Child Protection Guidelines, information materials, and tests are available to everyone on the site

Magyar Telekom believes in the potential of digitalization and in utilizing new technologies to do better in terms of almost any aspect of peoples’ daily lives. 

The purpose of PONT.MOST (“Right.Now.”) corporate blog and Magenta Podcast is to be a credible hub of telecommunications-related news in Hungary and discuss current aspects of digitalization in layman’s terms. They organize a monthly event series under the name of NOW Forum, which is aimed at initiating a dialogue about the most important issues affecting society and their digital aspects.


Magyar Telekom was awarded the "Best in Test" rating by P3 several years in a row and according to independent measurements of P3, its network achieved the best overall results among domestic mobile operators, and in each category separately: voice, data, and network data collected from devices alike.

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