Illustration for NatCo in the Netherlands with country flag.


Deutsche Telekom in the Netherlands

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T-Mobile Netherlands is one of the biggest Dutch telecommunications companies, offering an extensive portfolio of mobile network services for consumers and business customers.

T-Mobile Netherlands operates in the market with the T-Mobile, BEN, and KNIPPR brands. In 2013, the company launched a network program, which saw the introduction of 4G and the complete overhaul of the existing network.

Offerings for consumers

The completely overhauled 4G network operated by T-Mobile Netherlands covers the entire country and came out on top with the highest number of points ever as the best network in the 2016 P3 Mobile Benchmark. T-Mobile Netherlands offers its customers simple, appealing access to telecommunications services (both fixed network and mobile) and the internet. Also featured in the T-Mobile Netherlands portfolio, KNIPPR offers a unique opportunity for wireless, interactive TV.

Offerings for business customers

T-Systems Netherlands provides its business customers with cloud, digital, and network services. Its portfolio is geared toward services for cloud technology, Dynamic SAP and SAP (S / 4HANA), networks, Dynamic Workplace, security, and digitalization (IoT).


After successfully repositioning itself in the market, T-Mobile Netherlands managed to record a year-on-year increase of 4.4 percent in the 2018 fiscal year for consumers and business customers.

 The consumer fixed network business experienced a rise in the number of customers despite intense competition.