Illustration for NatCo in Russia with country flag.


Deutsche Telekom in Russia

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Currently in Russia, there are two DT companies: T-Systems CIS and Deutsche Telekom IT RUS (formerly T-Systems RUS).

T-Systems CIS has been active in the Russian market since 1995 and provides comprehensive telecommunications solutions. The company has accumulated considerable experience in the Russian market. It has two independent NODs in Russia and Telco licenses. 

Business customers

T-Systems CIS provides telecoms services such as MPLS Fix, ENX and SD WAN to business customers. Deutsche Telekom IT RUS provides software services: Design, Development, Testing, User Helpdesk and Maintenance. Major customers are Deutsche Telekom IT and T-Systems International. Currently the company invests a lot in innovative solutions for its customers based on such technologies as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Connected Car and others. 


T-Systems CIS will sustain its current position in the market. Deutsche Telecom IT RUS will be divided into two companies due to global reorganization measures in 2020. One of the companies will develop software and provide services for Deutsche Telekom IT. The other will develop software for T-Systems International customers such as BMW, SBB, Daimler, Fraport and DHL.

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