Corporate Responsibility

Definitely environmentally friendly

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As a major corporation, Telekom takes responsibility for protecting the environment. With uniform environmental standards, the conservation of resources is anchored in all processes and day-to-day activities of our employees.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has defined recognized standards for environmental protection at companies. These standards form the foundation for environmental management at Deutsche Telekom, which we use to implement our environmental policies uniformly throughout the Group.

Standards for environmental protection

Telekom in Germany has been using the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems since 1998. Among other things, compliance with this ISO standard helps to utilize resources efficiently, save energy and avoid waste. Our employees also make suggestions to make us even friendlier to the environment.

More than 20 Telekom Group companies now comply with the ISO 14001 standard, which means around 60 percent of all Group sites have a certified environmental management system. Telekom is even setting new standards in some countries: in June 2010, T-Hrvatski Telekom was the first company in Croatia to be certified under the ISO 14001 standard.

Safe, healthy, climate-friendly

Deutsche Telekom's commitment goes far beyond climate protection: we began establishing a uniform, Group-wide HSE management system in 2010. HSE stands for the three main areas health, safety and environment, and is based on the international standards for occupational health and safety, environmental management and quality management.

Employees and experts from all the national companies of Telekom meet regularly and are developing a joint, comprehensive management system. The first certifications on environmental health and safety were given to the Telekom LBUs in Austria, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Slovakia in 2010. In 2011 certifications were given to Telekom's headquarter in Germany and other Telekom LBU's. Until 2014 the standardized HSE management system is to be implemented in all relevant LBU's.