Alexia Sailer

Alexia Sailer


Alexia works in communications for T-Systems. Before, she was spokesperson for Deutsche Telekom and mainly responsible for all issues related to cybersecurity.

Articles by Alexia Sailer

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Smartphone Recycling


World Environment Day 2018: Smartphones – too valuable to be thrown out!

Using cell phones properly helps reduce pollution.



Deutsche Telekom further extends its cyber defense capabilities

Telekom Security launches its integrated Cyber Defense and Security Operation Center

Image WLAN security

Corporate Responsibility

Vulnerability in WPA2 WLAN security protocol: the facts

Researchers at KU Leuven have published a weakness in the WPA2 security protocol, which is currently used by all manufacturers to secure wireless networks (WLAN).

Symbolbild mit Schloss zur Volksverschlüsselung, eine Kooperation vom Fraunhofer-Institut SIT und der Telekom.

Corporate Responsibility

Joint forces for cyber security

Deutsche Telekom signs Charter of Trust.

Magenta Security 2017

Corporate Responsibility

Security sector summit

"Secure Digitization!" is the motto of Deutsche Telekom's second Magenta Security Congress, taking place at Munich's International Congress Center (ICM) on June 20-21.