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Corporate Responsibility

How T-Systems Mexico fills elements of the Employee Relations Policy with life

An onsite Review reveals a successful implementation of the Group Policy.

When Deutsche Telekom implemented the Group Policy on Employee Relations (ER Policy) in all entities worldwide in 2011, the bar had been set high: the framework is meant to ensure global standards for the relationship between employees and the employer Deutsche Telekom, while taking national laws into consideration. Given the generally formal character of ER Policy’s implementation, Deutsche Telekom set up annual on-site reviews to make sure the elements of the ER Policy are brought to life in all entities worldwide.

At the end of May 2014, an ER Policy Review took place together with an audit by the Health and Safety department. T-Systems Mexico has a total of around 1.500 employees (subcontractors and external forces included) at three different sites, with Puebla being the main location. The entity operates with expertise in the automotive, manufacturing and consumer goods industry as well as in the public sector. TS Mexico has experienced a successful economic development over the years.

The ER Policy has been implemented at TS Mexico in Nov 2011. Detailed discussions with employees and managers demonstrated that all elements of the ER Policy have successfully been filled with life. Guiding Principles are a vital part of TS Mexico’s culture, with the "Guiding Principles Day" as an annual awareness/attention highlight. Awareness of the Guiding Principles is also increased by other elements and campaigns, e.g. a screensaver with employees’ photos. The recruitment processes are described in detail; processes and training of the recruiters make sure that the values of the Guiding Principles are put into practice; openness to diversity and gender equality is a clear goal. According to discussions with employee groups this is achieved throughout the company.

The workforce consists of a mix of internal employees, subcontractors and external forces. With an average age of 33 years, the workforce is young in age and does not face any demographic challenges.

The employment of subcontractors is a necessity for the entity to be competitive. An analysis showed that subcontractors are paid less than internal employees, however, contractors’ pay is clearly above the official Mexican minimum wage. TS Mexico includes contractors in all surveys and events to make this group feel an integral part of the total workforce. A certain percentage of subcontractors get a permanent contract after a certain period or, respectively, when showing a good performance.

The attrition rates for internal employees as well as for contractors are at an acceptable level. With regard to the female quota in management, TS Mexico achieved very positive results with 23 percent.

Work-life balance has been somewhat an issue in recent employee surveys. To counterbalance this feedback, a pilot program called "future workplace" has been introduced. It allows employees who fulfill certain criteria flexible working hours and the option to work from home TS Mexico has put in place the necessary technical prerequisites for this. Managers are encouraged to lead virtual teams and the topic of "Virtual leadership" has been added to the leadership conference of 2013.

The established voluntary program "Cuenta Conmigo" finally illustrates employees’ engagement at TS Mexico. One example is the support of a community 40 km from Puebla where employees perform Saturday workshops around different topics in local high schools.

Overall the review came to a very positive conclusion about how TS Mexico implemented the elements of the ER Policy.


Responsible Employer

As a responsible employer, DT maintains cooperative and sustainable working relationships with employees.