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T-Mobile USA: Employee Relations Policy successfully implemented

A year after the introduction of the Employee Relations Policy at T-Mobile USA, its implementation and success have been reviewed at the head office in Seattle, with positive results across the board.

The ER policy has been extensively implemented throughout the company. The main core elements have been introduced and are being observed, and further programs and initiatives have been implemented or are currently in the pipeline.

A few different aspects are especially worthy of note: T-Mobile USA works with a performance-based target system. The company makes a generous contribution toward its employees' health insurance costs, and leadership skills are developed and supported through appropriate programs. To foster employee commitment and motivation, various programs are offered for personal and professional development. There is also a strong focus on the topic of diversity. The creation of a new position within the company dedicated solely to diversity activities underscores the importance of this topic. The US subsidiary has won several accolades as "Best Place to Work" and has ranked among the "World's Most Ethical Companies" for the past five years.

Great importance is attached to compliant behavior on the part of all employees in line with the Compliance guidelines and avoiding any kind of discrimination. Employees and managers receive special training in this respect. Management stresses that every employee has the right to freedom of association. T-Mobile USA also has very active internal communication platforms. Various additional measures have also been put in place to promote dialog as part of the corporate culture. For example, regular works meetings are held and employees have the opportunity to engage in direct exchange with managers.

T-Mobile USA did very well in the 2012 employee survey. The results for questions on topics such as employee commitment and leadership, as well as adoption of the company's values are impressive, even in comparison to the relevant units within Germany.

Employee Relations Policy The Employee Relations Policy was developed in 2011 and came into force at T-Mobile USA (TM US) on April 5, 2012. The ER policy is a general policy framework applied across all units of Deutsche Telekom AG worldwide.

The American ER policy was adapted in accordance with the country's legislation. For example, additional responsibility was introduced for the national management team and a women's quota was not included. Compliance issues can be reported in the U.S. using the so-called "Integrity Line". In Germany, the "Tell me" portal assumes this function.

Even before the Employee Relations Policy (ER policy) was introduced, an analysis of the U.S. subsidiary showed a high level of implementation for individual elements.

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