Corporate Responsibility

Further Reviews regarding the Employee Relations Policy

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Deutsche Telekom will monitor compliance with and effectiveness of the Employee Relations Policy (ER Policy) by conducting further reviews.

In an annual monitoring process, Deutsche Telekom evaluates specific parameters over all Group Units worldwide to measure the effectiveness of the ER Policy. In case of particular importance of a Country Unit, or when results of the monitoring process fall outside of the pre-defined range, a detailed discussion will take place with the respective Country Unit. This will be followed by a review, if necessary. Deviating results may be an indicator that some elements of the ER Policy may need to be supported by additional measures.

After analysis of the country-specific situation and a closer look at the measures that have already been implemented as well as the measures that are planned, developments and challenges will be analyzed together with the local units during the review process. Following this, the course of action will be discussed and follow-up activities will be agreed upon.

At T-Mobile U.S., a review already took place in March 2013. For summer 2013, a review at T-Systems CIS Russia is planned. It is currently being checked in what country or countries further reviews are to be conducted in 2013.