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Corporate Responsibility

High Employee Satisfaction at ITS Hungary

This year we conducted another Employee Relation Policy (ERP) Review at ITS Hungary (ITSH) from 18/10 to 19/10/2017.  Through our annually ERP Reviews we ensure that the key elements of our ERP are implemented in every national and international unit of Deutsche Telekom. In our ERP we demonstrate our global understanding of employee and employer relations with respect to national legislation. 

ITS Hungary has a good reputation, not only among the employees, but also in public. This year ITSH received a great assessment of Aon (Aon is a leading global services company offering a broad range of risk, retirement, employee development and health solutions) and was awarded within the scope of „Aon Best Employers program in Hungary“ as company with the best employee program measures and engagement of employees. 

During the last years, ITSH grew enormously. Even today, recruitment remains a big topic in Hungary. In view of the increasing competition in the Hungarian labor market, it gets more difficult to find and recruit the best employees with the needed skills –specially IT- and language skills (English and German). To hire particularly young potential employees, ITSH has different cooperations with universities and secondary schools. Although the pleasant growth, the company needs to face the challenge to consider a good work-life balance for its employees.

Health rate is on a really good level with 97,9%. ITSH offers its employees a range of different sport and leisure activities, physiotherapeutic treatment and psychological support. Employees can find all information in the local intranet. Particularly noteworthy are the separate aid- and development programs for managers and talents which were implemented this year. 

ITSH is a diverse company and the average age is rather young (34 years). Due to the rising average age and the high proportion of women (37,2%), children and family needs need to be considered in the company. Therefore, the management is challenged to implement programs to support families. To hold more appeal for the employees and to increase the compatibility of family and career, ITSH implemented the Home Office Policy in 2014. To further promote flexible work, we recommend to put more processes as tandem or part time into place. Furthermore through these programs, ITSH could differentiate and stand out from its competitors in the labor market. 

The key elements of the ER Policy are implemented in ITSH’s business successfully and employees are aware of them. Especially the great realization of the elements diversity, prohibition on discrimination and harassment and development attracted our attention. However, interviews with employees revealed that topics as policies, Guiding Principles and grievance mechanism could be communicated even more.  

Employees appreciate the regular exchange. Through a range of different communication campaigns over different communication channels, e.g. e-mail, townhall meetings, local intranet, employees are well briefed. However, communication is already overwhelming for the employees. Instead of quantity, ITSH should focus more on quality and understandability of the different communication campaigns.  Furthermore, employees desire more transparency and communication regarding the global strategies, topics, goals etc. specially from the headquarter as well as more communication about management changes and what they mean for the employees/business. This would significantly increase IST Hungary’s‘ feeling of belonging to Deutsche Telekom Group. 

In 2018 many employees will move to a new office (“green building“).The building is designed in terms of sustainability and offers the employees a modern work environment through future work concepts. 

Overall, employees feel very well at ITS Hungary and appreciate the positive team spirit and good collaboration between management and employees.