Corporate Responsibility

Social Performance Report 2016

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By conducting the yearly Social Performance Report Deutsche Telekom reviews observance of the basic principles of the Social Charter by its consolidated group companies. The Social Charter embodies Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to human and basic rights, fair remuneration, anti-discrimination, climate protection and other fundamental tenets. To ensure observance of these principles and accordingly satisfy its responsibility as an international corporation Deutsche Telekom has committed itself to reviewing compliance with the Social Charter by way of the Social Performance Report on a yearly basis.

The period of conduct for the Social Performance Report 2016 was in between January until December 2016. Its scope pertained to 103 group companies. All these consolidated companies of Deutsche Telekom declared their observance with the basic principles of the Social Charter. For further information and an overview of the participating companies please refer to this summary.  (pdf, 104.7 KB)