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Deutsche Telekom Data protection strategy

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Data protection organisation

In order to achieve a high level of data privacy worldwide, data privacy at Deutsche Telekom must be very well organized both nationally and internationally.

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Why artificial intelligence needs ethical “guide rails”

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a great deal of potential but also harbors many risks. To ensure this new key technology can deliver its positive potential for us humans, it requires an ethical framework.

The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional secrecy holders

The Open Telekom Cloud opens up for professional secrecy holders

The Open Telekom Cloud can now be used by holders of professional secrets within the meaning of Section 203 of the German Criminal Code (§ 203 StGB) for the storage and processing of information requiring special protection.

Claus-Dieter Ulmer, the Deutsche Telekom Global Data Privacy Officer.


Husam Azrak


Schrems II – an agent thriller?

Claus Ulmer, Global Data Privacy Officer, on the Corona warning app, Schrems II and the challenges of the future, on the occasion of European Data Protection Day.


Training and Awareness Measures

Telecommunications companies must train their employees in data protection law at the beginning of their employment relationship. Deutsche Telekom goes beyond this requirement.


DT listed in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for sixth time in a row

Deutsche Telekom once again qualified for the most prestigious sustainability indices, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe (DJSI).

Wie navigiert man sicher durchs Web? Mit Achtsamkeit, den richtigen Tools und unseren Safety-Tipps.

Safety guide: Our tips for keeping you safe on the net

How do you navigate safely on the web? By being cautious, using the right tools, and following our safety tips.

Adel Al-Saleh, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management and CEO T-Systems.


Adel Al-Saleh


EU-Corona Gateway: We are live!

The corona tracing apps from Germany, Italy, and Ireland are now working together hand-in-hand. An article by Juergen Mueller and Adel Al-Saleh.

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100 days Corona-Warn-App: It’s going well!

No, this is not a cheering article. This is a critical review after 100 days of the Corona-Warn-App - but one that is noteworthy.

Corona-Warn-App runs in Germany

Now it is here, the starting signal for the much-anticipated corona warning app of the German government.

Claus-Dieter Ulmer, the Deutsche Telekom Global Data Privacy Officer

Europe needs data protection certification at long last

An article by Dr. Claus-Dieter Ulmer, Global Data Privacy Officer and Senior Vice President Group Privacy.

Data protection creates trust

Interview with Dr. Stefan Pütz, Head of Network & IT Security at Telekom Security.

Data Privacy certificate for cloud servces.

Data Privacy certificate for cloud servces

The first GDPR-based data privacy certificate for cloud services is here.

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Your data is safe with us – data privacy in everyday business

Deutsche Telekom has access to a great deal of data, from customers and employees alike. With this comes great responsibility – to protect this data and deal with it in a responsible manner.

DT headquarters in Bonn/Germany.

Deutsche Telekom reduces Board of Management

The Board areas Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance and Human Resources will be merged with the beginning of 2020. Birgit Bohle will head the new Board area.

Claus-Dieter Ulmer, the Deutsche Telekom Global Data Privacy Officer

Guiding principles artificial intelligence

Deutsche Telekom has published guiding principals for artificial intelligence regarding data protection.

TÜViT seal

TÜViT seal

Telekom Deutschland handles customer data responsibly.

Claus-Dieter Ulmer, the Deutsche Telekom Global Data Privacy Officer

No end to regulation…?

An article by Dr. Claus-Dieter Ulmer, the Deutsche Telekom Group's Data Privacy Officer.

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General Data Protection Regulation implemented

Since May 25, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation is applicable. Before the entry into force of the new regulation Deutsche Telekom already took data privacy very serious.

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Deutsche Telekom restructures Data Privacy Advisory Board

Deutsche Telekom is realigning the strategy and composition of its Data Privacy Advisory Board. It will focus more on ethical and sociopolitical issues of data privacy.

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Uniform interpretation of EU data protection law

A standardized data protection law is coming into force across the EU. But what does this new general regulation mean for Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiaries? Group Privacy has now drawn up a set of standardized rules for the Group as a whole: the Binding Interpretations.


Data Privacy and Data Usage – A German point of view

Digitization and Data Privacy are inseparably linked. Our click path shows, how Germans think about data security and which issues are particularly important to them.

Data Privacy: NSA affair is an opportunity

The new report from Deutsche Telekom addresses the consequences and shows how things will go forward in data privacy and cybersecurity.

Image Data Privacy Advisory Board

Data Privacy Advisory Board

Independent data privacy experts advise the Management Board of Deutsche Telekom.

Statement of Telekom Group on the review of the GDPR

The general data protection regulation has created a good basis for data processing in the European Union on the basis of uniform rules. Experience to date shows, however, that the intended harmonisation is in jeopardy. The experience of the Deutsche Telekom Group has therefore shown that improvements are necessary.

General Data Protection Regulation

Statement of Deutsche Telekom on the occasion of the hearing of the Committee for Digitisation and Innovation - "Ensuring high data protection standards - supporting industry in the implementation of the European data protection reform" of the state parliament with application examples for pseudonymised data processing in the telecommunications environment.

Plea on e-Privacy Regulation

Plea of European Telecom Data Privacy Officers and Heads of Privacy of Europe’s leading telecommunications operators on e-Privacy Regulation.

Data privacy in a digital world

New technical developments come along with further challenges for data privacy. Here you can find our position and how we can ensure that your data is secure in future.

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