Corporate Responsibility

What is being researched today

Is research being carried out into mobile communications and health? What issues are addressed in the latest studies?

Research is the basis for the safe use of mobile communications. The effects of electromagnetic fields on human beings have been researched thoroughly over the last few decades. On the basis of this comprehensive knowledge base, different recognized expert groups perform continual assessment of research into mobile communications and health. Up to the present time, all expert groups have been unanimous in their conclusion that the exposure limits guarantee safe application and use of mobile communications technology for all people.

Research at international level

Various research programs and studies have been conducted at international, European and national level over the last ten years. The findings from them have been instrumental in closing existing knowledge gaps. Examples include the INTERPHONE study, which was carried out in 13 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO)'s EMF project, national research programs in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the Netherlands, as well as scientific projects conducted as part of the EU research framework.

WHO progress report

In accordance with the current state of scientific knowledge, the World Health Organization conclude that "To date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use" (Fact Sheet 193, 2011, Furthermore, ongoing long-term studies such as COSMOS and MOBIKIDS will help to clarify any open issues.