Corporate Responsibility

"Rozjezdy" supports entrepreneurs

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“Do more with less”: This is one statement Petra Pavicova, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at T-Mobile Czech Republic knows all about. She has a fraction of the budget of the company’s competitors and does far more with it than they have. Case in point: "Rozjezdy".

The company’s Rozjezdy program has supported hundreds of entrepreneurs from all walks of life since 2011. The main aim is to help and promote people who do not want to wait around for money but who have enough courage, enthusiasm and ideas to help themselves. Corporate Responsibility The Corporate Social Responsibility aspect comes from the target groups: The entrepreneurs are often people living in areas with high unemployment, women on maternity leave, senior citizens who just lost their jobs or students with an innovative ideas, for instance. “But, all of them want to live their dream,” explains Pavicova. Still in Business And what happens to the companies T-Mobile has supported over the last couple of years? Pavicova beams with pride and says that 98 percent of the companies they have supported since 2011 are still in business. That is a truly significant number, considering that entrepreneurs starting a new business who pass the two-year mark are considered to be established. Long-term, all-around support “We don’t just help them get started,” she explains. “We stay with them for a longer period of time and provide them with professional advice and expertise from right here within the company.” Employees from areas as diverse as Marketing, Finance and Technology support the “takeoffs” as the fledgling companies are referred to. “We are all happy to help, of course, and that is why we started the program: to give something back to society.” New customers as side effect The program also has the happy side effect that some of the business customers that take part and win T-Mobile services free of charge for a limited time leave the company’s competitors. “And they stay with us because we helped them get started.” In the last three years, T-Mobile won more than 130 business customers thanks to Rozjezdy. Bring them together The entrepreneurs don’t just get help from employees and other consultants from project partner companies, but also from each other. “We also offer seminars that feature winners from the previous years sharing their experience with the new entrants,” recounts Pavicova. “They can ask questions, of course and discuss each other’s projects.” Some of the companies have also even expanded internationally. Rozjezdy is also supporting innovation The program this year also began targeting the student community specifically; which can also help to bring innovations from outside into the company. Last year, for instance, some students launched “Qoolture”: a mobile app offering users an overview of cultural events in Prague. Another group of students in South Moravia launched a carsharing portal called Arounded earlier this year. These are just two examples of how Rozjezdy is also supporting innovation at T-Mobile Czech Republic.