Corporate Responsibility

A fun way to improve data security

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The second issue of "We Care", the company's corporate responsibility application, is here. In its new issue, titled "Confidential" ("Vertraulich"), Deutsche Telekom's app magazine looks at data security and presents current information about Internet crime. An interactive demonstration is included that shows users just how dangerous cyber-attacks can be, and explains how normal users can guard against cyber-threats.

How smart are you? The new app magazine answers questions about the concept of "cyberwar" and explains how "honeypots" lure hackers into divulging their tactics. The app also tells users where to watch for cyber-traps and how to determine their own level of risk. And it includes a cybercrime challenge – a quiz you can take to see how cybercrime-savvy you are. See if you do better than your friends! Finally, the issue features a "hacker olympics" in which you can explore your own risks and improve your ability to recognize questionable online behavior.

Every little bit does help
The "We Care" app magazine presents interactive 3D animations and graphics that invite users to explore the topics of social responsibility and sustainability. In its first issue, the app magazine presented a section on "change" with information about Deutsche Telekom's activities and commitments in the areas of responsibility and sustainability. All in all, it reminds us that everyone can do his or her part – every little bit does help!

Cyberattacks in Germany
Now, in its second issue, the app again focuses on a topic of interest to us all, namely cybercrime. A representative survey of the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM) found that last year one out of every two Germans fell victim to cyber-attacks in one way or another. The new issue is free of charge, and is available for Android and iOS devices, including both smartphones and tablet PCs.