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Christmas: Some tips for a sustainable gift selection

What should I give as a gift this year? Only a few days left until Christmas – the celebration of family and togetherness. There will be delicious food, festive music and the majority of us will probably find gifts under the tree. Classically, however, these gifts – no matter how well-intentioned they are – tend to be associated with quite a lot of waste and far-reaching environmental impacts. Starting with the huge pile of wrapping paper and bows that accumulate at home over the holidays. Right down to the traces left by the manufacturing, transport, usage and disposal of the things given away.

Products and services with the label #Good Magenta or #GreenMagenta

Products and services with the label #Good Magenta or #GreenMagenta © Meta Design for DTAG

In direct proportion to this, today more and more people are concerned about their ecological footprint. And that also has to include questioning the usual gift behavior or pattern. Sustainability is gaining relevance every day. So, presents that can make the world a slightly better place instead of destroying it in the long run are in great demand.

#GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta

This is where we come in with our #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta labels. Products or solutions that have been given one of those two labels concretely support or aid in climate and resource protection, or with making the digital world a safer place for everyone. And not just at Christmas time, but further than that. With this we show that these areas are particularly important to us at Deutsche Telekom and that we live up to our responsibility for the environment and society. Because the two labels help our customers make more environmentally conscious purchasing decisions. They increase transparency around problems on the internet and climate action and at the same time promote awareness of the same.

The #GreenMagenta label identifies products, services, projects, measures and initiatives that make a positive contribution to climate protection and the responsible use of resources. For example, Deutsche Telekom relies on renewable energies and ensures that used smartphones are reused. In turn, the label #GoodMagenta marks projects, measures and initiatives with a positive contribution to social and societal challenges in the digital world. In this context, for instance, we are committed to a tolerant and secure network for everyone.

On the we present some of the labeled products and solutions to give you Christmas inspiration with long-lasting effect. We want to offer you some short stories of and around change that can make all our lives a bit better and more environmentally friendly.

More information on the two labels and the award process here.

Telekom implements its sustainability promises step by step

The products and solutions presented are some contributions on our way to becoming the leading digital sustainable telco. Together with our suppliers, partners, the industry as a whole and our customers, we are building a sustainable ecosystem for society. Because: we do what we say. We walk the talk.


Sustainability Day 2022

On Sustainability Day DT underlines its ambitious sustainability goals under the motto "Walk the Talk".