Corporate Responsibility

CR report 2013

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OTE and COSMOTE presented their annual Corporate Responsibility Report for 2013, including their business performance, their contribution to economy and society, as well as their activities for the protection of the environment.

With the active participation of all employees, almost all Corporate Responsibility goals set for 2013 were achieved.

  • OTE and COSMOTE offered more than €2.6 million through sponsorships, as well as in kind and financial donations, supporting yet more assertively vulnerable social groups and young people
  • Over 4,900 employees participated in voluntary activities and initiatives of the two companies
  • Their workforce was renewed in a socially responsible manner, through successful voluntary exit programs and new recruitments – 1,000 new employees were hired within a period spanning approx. 12 months
  • There was important growth in environmental actions, such as CO2 emissions reduction, efficient energy use and actions to counter climate change – over 50 tons of fixed and mobile phones and their accessories, home batteries, ink cartridges were recycled, as part of the recycling program in OTE, COSMOTE and GERMANOS retail stores
  • Dialogue with stakeholders was strengthened through research and evaluation processes
  • More than 15,000 businesses received free online promotion through the "your" initiative

OTE Group remains the biggest national investor in new technologies and infrastructure. Over the past five years, OTE Group investments in Greece exceeded €2 billion. For the coming four years the Group has announced €1.2 billion worth in investments mainly in New Generation Networks, both for fixed-line and mobile telephony.

Commenting on the latest edition of the Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report, OTE Group Corporate Communications Director, Ms Deppie Tzimea, stated: "We are working hard to ensure our robust financial performance is in line with our ecological and social footprint. We support investments and innovation aimed at improving customer experience. The most important success factor for our operations across domains is our people. Our workforce can turn small steps to strides and is the catalyst in gaining the public’s trust in our business performance as well as in our social sensitivity and reliability".

This year’s joint CR report is available at and improves significantly on previous years. It enables easier navigation, in a user-friendly only environment, but also faster access to information though audiovisual applications. With the use of interactive tools, such as the Data Charting Tool, it facilitates the processing of information based on the reader’s specific needs.

Moreover, the content of the Report has been for the first time certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) with A+, fully covering all relevant indicators.

Additional 2013 Corporate Responsibility Results

  • €550,000, to support children in need, through OTE's "Christmas Campaign" and COSMOTE's "Custom of Love" campaign
  • Implementation of socially responsible rightsizing programs, in the context of the companies' transformation process, including OTE’s voluntary exit schemes. 1,827 employees chose to take advantage of the incentives offered by OTE
  • OTE and COSMOTE gave the opportunity to 759 students to gain work experience
  • All COSMOTE employees attended the C2X Customer EXperience EXcellence training program, aimed at enhancing employees’ understanding of customer needs and improve their experience
  • Total energy consumption of OTE and COSMOTE decreased by 1% compared to 2012
  • An amount of 3,942 tons of disused metals and cables was forwarded to authorized management entities
  • Both companies provided information to over 65,000 citizens on topics such as safe use of the Internet and mobile telephony services
  • COSMOTE won the award for the "Best Customer Service Center of the Year" and OTE won the award for the "Best Training Group on Customer Care", in the context of the National Customer Service Awards organized by the Greek Customer Service Institute (EIEP), confirming the commitment and ongoing endeavor in this direction