Corporate Responsibility

Donations for flood victims

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Heavy rains have resulted in dramatic floods throughout many parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. Deutsche Telekom donates 50,000 euros to Aktion Deutschland Hilft for emergency measures. Employees have set up donation lines.

The recent flooding was caused by the heaviest rainfalls in 120 years in large parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. Whole towns and villages were flooded and many communities have been cut off from the outside world.

The alliance partners of Aktion Deutschland Hilft need urgent relief for the hard-hit flood regions. "The suffering of people in the Balkans has affected us very deeply, especially because we as Deutsche Telekom are heavily involved in eastern Europe and want to assume responsibility for the region in times of crisis. This is why we have already made 50,000 euros available to Aktion Deutschland Hilft for emergency measures," says Claudia Nemat, Board member for Europe & Technology. Deutsche Telekom has opened an account to collect donations for victims of the disaster with its longstanding partner Aktion Deutschland Hilft.

International support Hrvatski Telekom (HT) in Croatia, which is being hit directly hit by the flooding, joined with the country’s other network operators to offer customers in emergency shelters free voice calls, Internet access and text messaging. HT is also providing devices including SIM cards, prepaid vouchers and even phones so customers in the shelters can stay in touch with their loved ones.

Members of the THW Federal Agency for Technical Relief were already on their way to Serbia on May 17 to support on-site relief in the fight against the floods. In their luggage they brought emergency phones with phone cards, which DT’s emergency situation center quickly made available to the THW.

Crnogorski Telekom in Montenegro and COSMOTE Romania set up SMS donation lines as well as Macedonia. Apart from the SMS donation line, Makedonski Telekom is promoting a humanitarian concert. They will also hold a live telethon for making donations.