Corporate Responsibility

Enabling Sustainability

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Deutsche Telekom's online 2015 CR Report has been published. On the start page, we tell three stories about data protection, refugee aid and digitized agriculture.

We protect our network: Sarah Schuchardt contributes with her work in the Cyber Defense Center.

We give people new perspectives: for example, Tamim Bahadori, who delights our customers.

We help to conserve resources: Cornelia Stürtz in dialog with German farmers.

The stories of these three Deutsche Telekom employees are examples of how we turn the title "Acting Responsibly. Enabling Sustainability." of our 2015 Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report into action.

Sustainable development
Deutsche Telekom's online 2015 CR Report has been published. On the start page, we tell three stories about data protection, refugee aid and digitized agriculture. If you delve deeper into the report, you will find detailed information about the progress we have made and the challenges we face as a responsible company. We also highlight the contributions made to sustainable development by our products and solutions.

Extensive information on the Group's key activities
Deutsche Telekom has been providing its stakeholders with information about its environmental and social commitment in regular reports for twenty years. The present report provides extensive information on the Group's key activities. The supplemental CR brochure also provides a quick overview of Deutsche Telekom's varied involvement and dedication. The CR Report is available here. During the 2015 reporting year, major progress was achieved in the following projects, among others.

Supplier development program generates results
In this program we work together with our suppliers to come up with solutions for topics such as environmental protection, working hour regulations and occupational health and safety – with results that can be measured: One supplier was able to reduce days lost due to sickness and occupational health and safety issues by 48 percent. Another supplier was able to increase productivity by 34 percent, thanks in part to improved employee satisfaction.

CO2 emissions disclosed
We also disclose Scope 3 emissions, which are produced outside our company, for example, by our suppliers manufacturing products for Deutsche Telekom or customers using our services. We recorded and disclosed these emissions for all relevant national companies for the first time for the 2015 reporting year.

LTE coverage continues to grow
Around 90 percent of Germany's population had access to LTE by the end of 2015. That means our target of 95 percent for 2018 is within reach.

Intensifying stakeholder dialog
In November 2015 we issued invitations to attend our eighth CR Stakeholder Forum under the heading "Enabling sustainability – Turning visions into reality." Internal and external stakeholders engaged in dialog, particularly focusing on sustainable products and sustainable supply chain management. More than 90 percent of the participants were very satisfied with the event.

Blue Angel award for Telekom Deutschland
95 of Telekom's fixed-line devices bear the Blue Angel seal. Telekom Deutschland received the Blue Angel Award for this accomplishment as well as for its role as a pioneer and multiplier when it comes to climate protection.

Cyber Security Professional program enters second round
We have been offering an IHK-certified, specialist IT security training program to our apprentices and students on cooperative degree programs since 2014. With this training program, the first and only one of its kind in Germany, Deutsche Telekom has filled a gap in the training and labor market. Ten additional participants entered the program in 2015.

Expanding refugee aid in Europe
We have initiated various offers of support in response to increased refugee immigration. In Germany these include providing WiFi at refugee reception centers and other measures, such as setting up the information portal The portal has had over a million visitors since it was launched last fall. Our European national companies also got involved: the Greek OTE Group has been working with sea rescue efforts and T-Mobile Austria has been offering training positions to young refugees.

Positive development of CR KPIs
We use ESG KPIs (environment, social and governance key performance indicators) as control instruments for our CR commitment. For 2015, these KPIs show a largely positive trend. Take the Sustainable Procurement ESG KPI, for example, which verifies supplier compliance with our social and environmental standards: with 78 percent coverage by procurement volume, we surpassed our target for 2015.