Corporate Responsibility

For a greener Albania

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AMC, member of Deutsche Telekom Group, has supported "Partners-Albania" on the 5th Regional Contest "Green Philanthropy 2014".

The contest aims to create new business ideas in the community, by using local sources and revitalizing the tradition of local products, and respecting the environment at the same time.

Helping the environment "Partners-Albania" and the mobile network operator AMC consider the philanthropic activity as very important to motivate, to identify and to mobilize sources in order to address strategically the issues related to tradition and the development of local markets through the stimulation of green ideas. The support of AMC for this project comes in the framework of "AMC Green" that is its contribution to improve the environment.

There were 15 competitors from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia that have participated in this contest, who have expressed their innovative ideas. One of the winning ideas of this contest was the idea from the Albanian project Green Sight. Their project “Kala m’Kala” aims to promote the tourism through bicycle guides at the town of Shkodra.