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Gaining valuable life experience with "Responsibility Wins"

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In the context of its internal competition "Responsibility Wins", Deutsche Telekom has honored trainees, and students in cooperative degree courses, who have shown outstanding commitment to the ideals of diversity and inclusion.

At the award ceremony for the "Responsibility Wins" competition, acting Chief Human Resources Officer Dr. Thomas Kremer emphasized that "diversity is important – and that also applies to the workplace." "At Deutsche Telekom, we want to cultivate a working climate that is free of prejudice, a climate in which people collaborate from a position of respect for each other. And thus I want to thank all the project teams who have participated in this effort. I'm very impressed with the great – and highly diverse – ideas and projects they have come up with." To do something meaningful for others, one must look beyond the immediate radius of one's own everyday life. One must strive to understand and to be a reliable partner. "By valuing diversity, we learn to see the world with different eyes," Kremer added.

Deutsche Telekom founded its "Responsibility Wins" competition six years ago, with the aim of giving trainees and students in cooperative degree courses opportunities to work together in social projects of their own design and choosing. A total of 40 teams have participated in the competition to date. The competition projects have focused especially on the issues of inclusion and participation in society – and they have done so with impressive levels of depth and intensity, as the winning projects have demonstrated.

The winning teams
The first prize was awarded to a team of eight trainees from Deutsche Telekom's Hamburg Training Center. For their project, the trainees conducted a survey for the company's Hamburg-area Telekom Shops, using a questionnaire they developed themselves, on the topic of "accessibility for people with disabilities." After completing their survey, the trainees informed the shops about the results and offered suggestions for improvements. They then added shops with good accessibility to "Wheelmap", a publicly accessible app for finding and marking wheelchair-accessible places in urban environments. Wheelmap is a valuable route planner for wheelchair users.

The second prize went to a team of five trainees from the Deutsche Telekom training center in Frankfurt/Main. Their project, focused on part-time training, profited from first-hand information, since one of the team members is a young mother who is herself taking training on a part-time basis.

In cooperation with various partners, the trainees designed a flyer, for young single parents, with tips and advice on how to apply successfully for training positions. And in addition to producing the flyer, the project group offered application training for young single parents. That effort proved to be an outstanding success, since it helped two young mothers enter part-time training at Deutsche Telekom!

This year's third prize was awarded – for the first time ever – to two teams. Both teams planned and implemented projects for children with cancer and their families. Five trainees from the company's training center in Leipzig organized a special play day for the young patients, and their siblings and their parents, complete with
face-painting, ball-throwing (at can pyramids) and launching of helium balloons. They financed the event in advance by collecting donations over a three-day period.

Eight trainees from the training center in Kiel organized an outing to the Hagenbeck Zoo, for young cancer patients at the University Medical Center of Schleswig Holstein and their families. Their project, which also brought many smiles to children's faces, was also financed via advance fund-raising, at a range of different events.