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New issue of We Care Magazine

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​​​​​​​The new issue of Deutsche Telekom's We Care Magazine, titled "Sharing".

New "We care"-Magazine: Sharing

The new issue titled "Sharing".

As children, we were taught how to share. And as adults? It is worthwhile for us to rediscover sharing as an ideology from which we can benefit. Our current consumption behavior is a slow but sure death. We can already feel the first effects of our throw-away society: Resources are getting scarce and piles of trash are growing. The Circular Economy promises a solution.

We Care Magazine

The App Magazine "We Care" makes Deutsche Telekom's social and environmental engagement interesting and tangible for a wide audience. As a leading European provider of telecommunications services, we also want to be a pioneer in sustainability. Our motto is "Act Responsibly. Enable Sustainability." The App Magazine's "We Care" issue is short, snappy and to the point about important social topics. At the same time, the app provides ideas for personal sustainable living.

The "We Care Magazine" is available for tablet PCs and smartphones. 

Download it now!

"We Care Magazine" for iPad
"We Care Magazine" for Android tablet PCs

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Corporate Responsibility

Information about the ecological and social commitment of Deutsche Telekom.