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We can’t afford to take democracy for granted

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The “My vote counts” issue of We Care, our digital magazine for sustainability, tells the story of an assassination that gave birth to democracy, as well as explaining why Grandpa always reads two newspapers. It also tells you how you can help shape politics on the net and how to avoid the traps laid by trolls.

We Care says: “We can’t afford to take democracy for granted”

It’s clear that “the sovereignty of the people” can only work as long as the people are ready to take part in it.  And the citizens of Athens did just that way back 2,500 years ago. Athenian dem

ocracy was to last for almost 200 years. Over 2,000 years followed in which emperors, kings and feudal lords determined our history. Until democracy was rediscovered in modern times. But it was only after the Second World War that it was really able to assert itself. To this day it is not a matter of course.

Campaigning to stop massive bee death, introducing a speed limit of 130 km/h on German freeways, blocking plans for a European upload filter – an ever increasing number of people choose to advocate their causes via the internet. Helping shape politics effectively - on the sofa at home, standing at the bus stop or lying sick in bed - the internet makes it possible. In the new “My vote counts” issue of We Care you'll find out what digital democracy has to offer, what dangers lurk, why the most intelligent way to express protest is to vot and what could happen if Europe were to break up. Read more here.

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