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FAQs on climate protection

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Deutsche Telekom has been actively committed to climate protection since the 1990s. We are constantly reducing our environmental footprint and also offering our customers more and more sustainable products and services. 

For instance, Deutsche Telekom customers can surf a “green network,” with the company’s electricity requirements in Germany being sourced solely from renewable energy. What is more, Deutsche Telekom’s data center is one of the most efficient in the world, consuming around 30 percent less energy than conventional data centers. 

In and of itself, consuming energy is not necessarily bad for the climate. The important thing is the source of the energy. That’s why Deutsche Telekom is committed to covering all of its energy needs in Germany with renewables. The next milestone is planned for 2021, when the company will cover all its energy requirements worldwide with green electricity.

Another important factor is that new technologies also have big resource-conserving potential. Videoconferences, for instance, can replace business travel. Our Park and Joy smart parking app is another case in point: It helps avoid traffic jams and reduce carbon emissions by navigating drivers to free parking spots and allowing them to pay online, thus avoiding printed parking tickets.

In order to limit global warming, Deutsche Telekom has adopted ambitious climate targets. They include achieving a 90 percent reduction in climate-impacting emissions by 2030, with 2017 as the base year. Over the same period, we also aim to reduce emissions from the manufacture and usage of our products by an average of 25 percent per customer compared with 2017. Our ultimate goal is Group-wide climate neutrality – by 2050 at the latest.

In order to achieve all this, we are implementing a large number of different measures as part of our “We care for our Planet” program – from climate-friendly products and sustainable Telekom Shops through to IT and network infrastructure, and energy-efficient buildings and mobility.

Our basic principle is to ensure that all our products and services are climate-friendly and conserve resources. That’s why the Speedport Pro router and new MagentaTV box, for example, are made from recycled plastic. What is more, the packaging of all of our new proprietary products is eco-friendly. 

We have introduced the “we care” label to draw attention to products and offerings that are especially ecological and sustainable. A case in point is our sustainable end device cycle: selected devices are professionally processed and can be re-marketed to consumers at attractive prices. The packaging used is 100 percent biodegradable as well.

We are also pushing renting as an alternative to buying. Rental services conserve resources, reduce the volume of electronic waste, and thus avoid carbon emissions. When a contract is canceled, the devices are returned and then either re-rented or professionally recycled.