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IPOs - Initial Public Offerings

Following the conversion of Deutsche Bundespost Telekom into a stock corporation at the beginning of 1995, Deutsche Telekom's public offerings opened the Company for the capital markets.

Date of initial listingNov. 18, 1996Jun. 28, 1999Jun. 19, 2000
Total proceeds€ 10.0 billion€ 10.8 billion€ 13 billion
Recipient of the proceeds of the issuancesDeutsche Telekom AGDeutsche Telekom AGKfW
ProspectusesDT1 in 1996 (pdf, 888.0 KB)DT2 in 1999  (pdf, 855.0 KB)DT3 in 2000 (pdf, 924.0 KB)


Total no. of shares issued713.7 million280.9 million200.0 million
Official issue price in €14.5739.566.5
Official issue price in US$18.8941.2764.38
Reduced issue price in €14.3137.563.5
Allocation to retail investors43%54%70%
Allocation to institutional investors57%46%30%
Stock exchangesAll German stock exchangesAll German stock exchangesAll German stock exchanges
New YorkNew YorkNew York
Joint global coordinators

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank
Dresdner BankDresdner Kleinwort BensonDresdner Kleinwort Benson
Goldman, Sachs &CoGoldman, Sachs &CoGoldman, Sachs &Co
Total demand in no. of shares3.0 billion0.6 billion0.7 billion
Retail investors0.9 billion0.3 billion0.4 billion
Institutional investors2.1 billion0.3 billion0.3 billion
Total demand in €€ 50 billion€ 23 billion€ 45 billion
Subscription orders from retail investors1.9 million1.7 million3 million
Participation by employees64% of all entitled employees56% of all entitled employees50% of all entitled employees



Reduced-price allocation
Eligible investorsRetail shareholders in GermanyRetail shareholders in all European retail issuing statesRetail shareholders in all issuing states worldwide
 Shareholders, who acquired shares by exercising preemptive rights 
Price reduction per share€ 0.26€ 2.00€ 3.00
Loyalty scheme
Eligible investorsAnyone who purchased shares at the reduced subscription price.Anyone who purchased shares at the reduced subscription price.Anyone who purchased shares at the reduced subscription price.
Lock-up period34 months14 months18 months
Effective dateSept. 30, 1999Aug. 30, 2000Dec. 31, 2001
Allocated bonus shares12.5 million10.0 million11.6 million
Ratio01:10 *01:10 *01:10 *
LimitationMaximum 30 bonus shares per eligible personNoneNone

Initial public offering (DT1) in November 1996

In its initial public offering (DT1), Deutsche Telekom took an innovative approach: private persons were offered a reduced issue price, a broad range of information free of charge via the T-Forum, and bonus shares.

The placement of some 713.7 million shares aimed on the one hand to ensure a boost to Deutsche Telekom's equity in the form of a capital increase and, on the other, to demonstrate the capability and significance of Germany as a financial center.In its initial public offering, Deutsche Telekom took an innovative approach. The Share Information Forum (AIF) was established in Germany in order to attract as many private individuals as possible to shares as a form of investment, with all their opportunities – and risks – and to market the T-Share to a broad public. The AIF was maintained after the initial public offering in the form of the "T-Share Forum" and still acts as a Deutsche Telekom AG investor relations facility for retail investors. Private individuals were provided with a broad range of information free of charge about shares in general, Deutsche Telekom as a company and the share offering for retail investors within the framework of the DT1 issue. It was also announced early on in a large-scale communication campaign that retail investors would in general be given preferential treatment in the form of a reduced issue price and bonus shares.

The official issue price of the T-Share amounted to EUR 14.57 (or USD 18.89 and JPY 2,140). By complying with the issue and transfer conditions, retail investors in Germany could purchase T-Shares at a reduced purchase price of EUR 14.32 and receive bonus shares from the Bonus Program.Ultimately, this bundle of measures and incentives comprising a broad range of information and marketing, reduced subscription price and bonus shares for retail investors was one of the factors that ensured the huge success of Deutsche Telekom's initial public offering in which a total of some 1.9 million retail investors acquired shares, with 650,000 of these retail investors investing capital in shares for the first time ever. Deutsche Telekom raised approximately EUR 10 billion in new funds from the capital increase.

Second public offering (DT2) in June 1999

Deutsche Telekom's second public offering (DT2) extended the offer for retail investors on a consistent basis to euro-zone countries for the first time

Deutsche Telekom's second public offering on June 28, 1999 once again took the Company into new territory: Retail investors from all euro-zone countries which participated in the issue of the some 280.9 million shares, as with DT 1 were offered a price reduction compared with the official issue price of EUR 39.50 during the early subscriber phase and, if they complied with certain conditions, also benefited from bonus shares.

Never before had a marketing campaign aimed at retail investors had such broad scope and covered so many countries, with advertisements in seven different languages, television and radio commercials in a number of countries, and strong support from the Internet as a central source of information. In the end, around 1.7 million orders were received from retail investors, well over 600,000 of whom were from euro-zone countries, making the T-Share the first truly international share. The funds raised for Deutsche Telekom from the issue of the 280.9 million or so shares amounted to around EUR 10.6 billion. Thus the second public offering was the largest secondary issue in Germany.

Third public offering (DT3) in June 2000

Following its third public offering (DT3), Deutsche Telekom's shareholder base became one of the broadest in the world

On July 19, 2000, 200 million T-Shares were placed from the portfolio of Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) in the third share issue. This reduced KfW's shareholding in Deutsche Telekom from approximately 22 % to approximately 15 %.

Retail shareholders were again given preferential treatment in the third share issue. T-Shares were issued at an official issue price of EUR 66.50. After the huge success of addressing retail shareholders across Europe in the second public offering, the reduced purchase price and the allocation of bonus shares to retail investors was extended to 18 countries, including the United States, Canada and Japan, where the shares were sold in a public offering. More than three million orders were received in Germany and abroad from retail investors - the issue was oversubscribed by 3.5 times in total. As a result, Deutsche Telekom's shareholder base became one of the broadest in the world, making it the company with the largest percentage of shareholders outside of its home country.

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